Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 26th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Vandana deliberating the powers that is contained in her locket. She thinks of her adolescence. She thinks to get the idol and locket returned from Bali. Sudhir’s wife takes her child and tries to run away. Her child cries. She runs far from goons. She sees Archie and asks her to keep her lifestyles. Archie says I don’t know what’s taking place, Bali has killed Sudhir, what can i do, I don’t realize, how do i use my powers. Vandana lies to Archie about a dream. She tells her to chant and do puja with the idol, so that she can get loose. She says you are Lali’s inheritor, perhaps you could assist us. She cooks up a faux tale. Yashpal says I sense there may be some connection among you and idol, I heard about some chemicals within the idol, it could exchange the whole thing. Archie says i will do as Vandana told me. Vandana thinks Archie’s powers will come into me, I will become excellent effective inheritor of Archie. Bali calls Archie. He asks Sudhir’s spouse to see Archie, she is likewise helpless. He gets irritated and asks Sudhir’s wife to marry him. She cries and asks him to depart her.

Archie asks him to leave them. He tells her about Vandana, who could address him without problems. Archie says I gained’t accept as true with you. Bali says Vandana has identical powers like you, come i will display you ways a great deal Vandana loves you. He asks goon to fasten up Archie and get Vandana out. He says Archie refused to tell me about idol powers, inform me about it, i can leave you alive, making a decision now. Vandana says i’m able to let you know and educate you a way to use powers, do whatever with Archie. Archie appears on stunned. Vandana asks Bali to present her the chain lower back. Bali asks you think I m mad to give you the chain. He asks goon to throw again Vandana inside the room. Archie thinks Vandana is also Lali’s inheritor. Bali says now you believe me proper, Vandana is like Sudhir, backstabber. He asks her about the powers. Archie says I don’t recognize whatever about the powers. He asks her to think properly and inform the idol mystery to him. Vandana acts harmless in the front of Archie. She says I lied to them to get my chain again, so they lose their focus on the idol. She asks did I do proper. Archie thinks is she lying to me, how am i able to consider that satan. Archie says I m wondering how to fight with Bali.

She thinks Vandana is hiding something, what shall I do now. Bali gets all of them out and asks Archie to inform about the powers. Archie begs him to go away each person. He hurts Vandana. Vandana asks Archie to save her lifestyles, and simply do what he said. He threatens to kill them. Vandana asks Archie to simply do what she instructed her. Archie thinks of Vandana and Bali’s phrases. She thinks shall I take delivery of Vandana’s recommendation, what shall I do. She is going to pray to the idol. Archie receives her powers. Vandana asks her to take a look at her aspect. Archie doesn’t see her. Wind blows. Archie opens her eyes. Vandana issues. Archie flies in the air. each person seems on. Abhiram appears on and thinks Archie is getting the idol powers like Vandana holds. Bali throws a knife at Archie. Archie gets the knife and kills Bali. Abhiram sneaks into the house and receives the idol. Archie faints down. Vandana thinks I desired to grab her powers, however she has emerge as effective, I must kill her.

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