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The Episode begins with goons pursuing Abhiram. Akshay says I m Rudra, not Akshay, I work for Brahmanand. Vandana says it implies you have come to help me in getting the symbol. He says yes. She says I needn’t bother with any assistance, reveal to Dada ji that I will deal with it myself. He irately tosses her telephone. She asks what did you do. He breaks the telephone by his foot. She solicits are you out from your psyche, in what manner will I contact Dada ji now. He says he requested that I do this, Archie knows your reality, you won’t call him, else police will follow you, you will be with me until we get symbol. She says I m checking whether this is same Akshay who adored me. He says I m Rudra, believe that Akshay is dead. Veer comes. Akshay sees him and gets stunned. He says we will take him along. Vandana says however he… He says I realize he lost his memory, he can help us in recovering the icon.

Rajmata says I can’t trust Vandana is such, how could I commit such an error, she has tricked us. Thakur says its not your error, Abhiram had likewise duped you, you are great individuals. I m embarrassed to come in Brahmanand’s words. Revati additionally apologizes. Archie says we need to think how to get the symbol. She sees the location on the floor when a glass breaks. She sees Neeraj running with the icon. Archie advises the location to them. Kashinath asks in what capacity will we find that town. Archie endeavors to utilize maps and tracks the town. She says we ought to go there and discover that house.

A woman admonishes her brother by marriage and influences him to do basically everything. The person takes the wheat and goes. Indeed, even his senior sibling inconveniences him. The person cleans his sibling’s shoes. His mum comes. He says I went poorly flour factory yet, I m cleaning shoes. Indeed, even his mum reprimands and beats him. The person gets dismal. His sibling torments him. The woman says we won’t give him any nourishment today. They all go inside the house and shut the entryway. The person leaves unfortunately. He sits crying. Neighbor woman sees him and gets nourishment for him. She asks him not to stress, Lord will take care of his concern. He inquires as to for what reason is this incident with me. He leaves. The neighbors talk about his shrewd stepmother and her child bahu, who have grabbed everything from the person. Abhiram says excuse me Brahmanand, I had the icon, yet Revati and Kashinath tricked me. Brahmanand chastens him. Abhiram says give me only one possibility. Brahmanand says I realize you will do what I need, I will be with you, accompany me.

Akshay, Vandana and Veer are en route. She says we need to get the icon. He solicits what will we do from Veer. She says don’t stress, he can support us, I have an answer for control him. She demonstrates the gangajal bottle, which will control Veer’s Rudra symbol. She makes wear the gangajal bottle chain in his neck. She says you will recover your memory soon. She inquires as to whether he needs. Akshay asks where will we go. She says a similar spot where Archie is going. Archie is additionally in transit. She controls the location to Kashinath. She sees a few vehicles following. She says its Brahmanand’s men.

Brahmanand stops them in transit. They all get stunned seeing Brahmanand with Abhiram. Rajmata says he kicked the bucket previously. Revati asks in what manner would this be able to occur. Archie asks is he Brahmanand. Brahmanand says you bamboozled me. Thakur says I have left this now, you likewise leave this and love Lord. Brahmanand says your child is better, he does as I let him know. He proceeds to wound Abhiram, requesting that he pass on. They all get stunned.

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