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The Episode starts with Veer following Akshay. He sees Akshay going to the jungle with a clothes packets. Veer thinks your game is over, these days i can trap you purple-passed. Akshay is going to a few grave within the jungle. Veer thinks its someone’s grave. Akshay pits the packets there and leaves. Veer sees the packets long gone. He thinks where did the garments cross. He looks round and is going. a person selections the clothes packets and runs away. Veer follows Akshay again. at the palace, Archie and anyone examine the room. Rajmata says this remember is about 50 years old, Bhuri was young, Kaal Bhairav possessed her and said he’ll deliver a strategy to take away curse, the own family’s daughter can open this chest, but we are unfortunate that girls didn’t live as much as that age. Archie says Bhuri wanted me to store the circle of relatives daughters, did Lord provide me this sign.

Vandana says Bhuri ought to have helped us, however now no person will die coming to this room. Archie sees the identical drawing on the wall which she has seen in her dream. Veer comes to Akshay’s room and exams all his assets. He thinks perhaps Akshay is assisting a person. He checks for some clue. He thinks there has to be some clue. He thinks of Archie’s phrases. He tests Akshay’s clothes and matches the button. He gets a percent and sees Akshay with the 2 ladies. He says it manner my doubt changed into right, Akshay’s truth has pop out. He drags a chair and sits there. Archie recollects her dream and thinks of the matters visible. She makes sketches of all of the matters and notes down clues. She thinks Veer become pronouncing about the similar guy, how can i locate him, I should discover the garments save first. Archie reaches the place and thinks of her dream. She gets bowled over seeing Akshay speaking to the antique man. She asks what is Akshay speaking to him. They see Archie and run away. Archie says why did they run seeing me, how does Akshay realize this old man. Akshay involves haveli. Guards surround him. Akshay asks what occurred.

He sees anybody following. He asks is the entirety satisfactory. Veer slaps him. He says you’ve got fooled everybody a lot. Akshay asks what’s my mistake. Veer shows the % and asks about the women. Akshay says I didn’t meet them until now. Veer says Pavitra and i’ve visible them in locked room, then a bearded man attacked us and went, you went to the garments store, sold garments and went to jungle, you left clothes at the grave, you’re exposed now, you have played this risky game, you killed Bhuri as nicely. Akshay says I m now not mendacity, i have visited my mum and sister’s graves, when they left, royal circle of relatives raised me, I go to the graves and positioned items for them, I didn’t cheat Rajmahal. Veer says prevent the drama, tell me who’s that bearded man.

Akshay says I don’t understand that guy. Archie asks why are you lying, i have seen you with that man, you saw me and ran away. Akshay denies the entirety. Veer asks is that this your ghost, who has positioned this for your ebook. Akshay says i’m able to prove that someone is plotting towards me. He indicates the hidden cameras in his room. He says i’ve positioned the cameras to trap someone gambling recreation with me, we are able to discover that guy in digital camera without difficulty. He performs the pendrive. They see Revati maintaining the % in the ebook. Revati worries.

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 2nd February 2019 Written Update Precap:

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 2nd February 2019 Written Episode Update
Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 2nd February 2019 Written Episode Update

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