Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 2nd March 2019 Written Episode Update

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 2nd March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Pavitra coming to the palace and meeting her toddler. She asks why ain’t my infant waking up. Vandana says Archie need to have no longer performed this. infant cries. Pavitra takes him and hugs. Abhiram appears on. Archie asks what we could do now. Revati says there’s simplest one way, we shouldn’t are available the front of him. Archie receives stunned seeing Veer. He faints. She concerns. Abhiram confronts Pavitra for stealing the idol and giving it to his dad Thakur. He asks what’s the problem, inform the truth. She says you’re Neeraj. He says I m Abhiram, now not Neeraj, we appearance the identical, simply inform me, how did the idol come right here. She says I gave this to Thakur, Archie has put something on it, my fingers got black, she stuck me, ask your dad about this idol. He says I don’t know wherein is he because idol has
come right here, he is lacking.

Thakur wakes up in the jungle. He remembers taking the idol inside the vehicle. The idol shines for some time. He receives taken aback seeing Kaal Bhairav in front and applies brakes. He faints. facebook ends. Thakur looks around. He thinks in which did the idol go, how did I come here, I fainted within the vehicle, became it, in reality, Kaal Bhairav. He shouts for an assist. He thinks wherein am I. Archie receives Veer domestic. Revati ties him with ropes. every person appears on.

Vandana asks can this genuinely manifest. Archie says this illness is called cut-up persona disorder, Kaal Bhairav is available in Veer, he punishes humans, he changed into punishing me. Revati says he tried to kill me knowing my husband died because of me. Archie says we need to not live right here, we don’t know how he wakes up, as Veer or Kaal Bhairav, we must exit. Rajmata cries. Pavitra says Archie is unsuitable, the idol is in puja ghar. Vandana asks Rajmata to just come. Sadhu meets Thakur and tells about the special powers of the idol. He says Kaal Bhairav lives in that idol. Thakur asks what shall I do. Sadhu asks him to do puja and take idol for shuddikaran, then place it to get its Divya powers, recall, one attempts to keep it without puja and Shuddikaran might be ruined. Thakur says no, I can do as you assert. Sadhu says come to Shiv temple day after today. Thakur agrees.

Veer wakes up and sees the ropes. He says who did this, who is right here. everybody appears on from a way. He asks who has tied me up, in which is Archie, her lifestyles are in risk, we have to go and apologize to Lord, lose me, is anybody right here, Akshay, guards? Archie cries and is going to him. Revati asks Archie to prevent. Veer says its good you’ve got come, see they have tied me up, what’s happening, unfastened me. Archie says i have tied you, you’re sick, you have cut up character disorder, you tried to kill me. He asks did you cross mad, i love you extra than my life, I think Kashinath and Bindal’s spouse and children are scary you, you believe you studied this about me, I m your husband and love you lots, unfastened me from ropes. anyone seems on. He says its me, Veer. Revati says don’t unfasten him. Veer sees Revati and turns into Kaal Bhairav.

He says you killed your husband, you’ll be punished now. Revati asks Archie to look. Veer scolds Archie for her sin additionally. He gets loose from the ropes. Akshay shuts the door. Veer says I informed you i can come to punish the only who does sin. He breaks the door. all of them run. Veer follows Revati and Archie. Akshay attempts to stop Veer. Veer pushes him far. Guards come and get overwhelmed up. Rajmata looks on and cries. Veer says no person can hide from Kaal, come out. Pavitra says Abhiram, inform your dad to preserve money prepared, i will meet him with toddler and idol, I want to maintain my infant far from this madness. Veer shouts sinners can’t get stored from me. Archie and Revati conceal an appearance on

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