Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 4th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Archie saying its Veer. She goes to him and sees him furious. She attempts to run and gets injured. Rajmata asks Veer to wake up, that is Archie. Veer says I m Kaal bhairav Lord, you will get rebuffed, you are rehashing a similar wrongdoing. He hits Rajmata and Kashinath. He liberates Vandana. He says this van will go to Kanakgadh, this icon will be put once more. Vandana thinks how to get the icon from him, he is in his Rudra symbol. Baba is whipped in the lockup. Assessor asks did he say anything. He doesn’t see the baba inside the lockup. Constable says he is here, he isn’t stating anything, he is reciting Kaal Bhairav. Assessor says for what reason wouldn’t i be able to see him. Constable inquires as to for what reason are you kidding, he is here. He says baba was here. Baba says now, you won’t see me, you will see what I need to demonstrate you. He goes out. Investigator says possibly he has spellbound us. He sees the baba proceeding to state get him.

Veer sees the boundaries and goes to evacuate them. Vandana thinks its the correct opportunity to remove my tyke and run. Brahmanand says Veer is my toy, I gave him numerous synthetic compounds in youth, he supposes he is Kaal Bhairav, I realize how to control him. He proceeds to make Veer wear the gangajal memento. Veer gets typical and glances around. He asks where am I and who are you. Brahmanand says you are my child, we were taking the symbol to Kanakgadh. Goon hits on Veer’s head. Veer blacks out. Brahmanand sees Vandana taking the symbol and tyke. Goons stop her. She keeps her youngster and attempts to battle the goons. Brahmanand looks on. She pushes Brahmanand and gets a jolt. She gives him the symbol. She begins acting. He says you trick, you figured I will educate you concerning the forces, you have fragmented information, I can realize you well, you think you are savvy, you will swindle me, you think I m so silly. He takes her along. He sits inside the van. They all leave. Brahmanand, Vandana and Veer get down the van. Brahmanand requests that the driver serve him, its the day to fulfill him, take this transport and make it fall inside the valley. The driver concurs.

Brahmanand says now nobody will be spared to come after this icon, you will do what I state. He compromises about her tyke and takes her to finish the puja. Everybody is lying oblivious in the van. Akshay pursues the van and requests that the driver stop the transport, there is a profound valley ahead. The driver is mesmerized. Akshay yells, stop, everybody will pass on, stop the van. He hops to the driver’s window and yells stop the van. He drives the driver in and drives the van. He stops the van at the precipice end. Archie awakens and requests that everybody get up, they can get out. She asks Akshay how could we come here. He says Brahmanand spellbound the driver and left all of you to kick the bucket, simply go out. Archie asks Akshay to come. He requests that her get the driver too, he is alive. Archie and drive get down the van. The van tumbles down. Archie yells Akshay… .. They all get stunned. Brahmanand gets stunned seeing the baba rather icon. He says you here… .. babasmiles. Brahmanand, Veer and everybody are seen lying out and about. Baba takes the vehicle ahead to Banaras.

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