Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 5th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Munna burns Mohanna

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 5th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Baba praying to look the enemy’s face. He keeps his tapasya. The diyas lift excessive in air and then collapse. A black smoke seems. Baba prays to Shiv and asks him to reveal the direction, and take him to the sinner who wants to break the royal circle of relatives. The smoke takes him. a man sees him and calls to inform that baba is going to the jungle. Akshay and Sia are on call. The idol stops shining. all people appears on. Rajmata says its identical as we’ve heard, I m certain Lali’s heir is here, however who. absolutely everyone prays in the temple. Baba is the only manner. Dolly involves kill Veer. Archie stops her. Akshay and guards forestall Dolly. Dolly desires to take revenge from Veer.

Veer asks what are you doing, why do you need to kill me, what happened, come to senses. Veer shouts and turns into Kaal Bhairav. anybody gets greatly surprised. Revati asks Archie to apprehend, Veer can kill them. Archie says let me pass, Dolly has tried to kill Veer, her life is in risk. Revati says our lives also are in risk. Rajmata says take Dolly away speedy, she did a big crime, Veer may additionally punish her. Thakur signs Abhiram. Akshay and guards take Dolly. Veer asks them to stop. Veer attacks Dolly. He pushes Akshay and guards away. Dolly receives scared. Veer throws away Akshay. he’s taking a knife and is going to stab Dolly. all people appears on stunned. Veer stabs Dolly. Archie involves hold Dolly. Veer says even you are sinner, you may additionally lose your lifestyles these days. He goes to Archie. Rajmata asks guards to forestall Veer. Akshay hits on Veer’s head. Veer faints down. a person says idol is lacking. Kashinath is likewise there.

All of us receives bowled over that idol is missing. Akshay says who took the idol. He asks humans if they saw the idol. He asks guards to locate the idol. Baba involves palace and prays. He follows the smoke to understand the sinner. The smoke indicates Veer and Archie’s wedding ceremony p.c. Baba says so this human is bringing curse in this family, however what may be his gain, i have to inform this to royal own family quickly. He leaves. he’s at the way. He says I don’t ant to die with out telling this to royal own family. He gets hit by a automobile. Vandana comes and says Guru ji, you have got reached me, however see i have sent you to heaven. She suffocates him to demise. She sees the idol in returned seat. She prays to get forgiveness for her sin. She leaves. She remembers telling Dolly that Veer may additionally kill Archie and Revati. She instigates Dolly in opposition to Veer and hugs her. She goes. stay tuned for more updates

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