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The Episode begins with Gayatri and Sia recalling the old time, after they attempted to get away and met Kedar. They attempted to get his assist, however Rajguru had killed Kedar too. Rajguru says you’re cursed consistent with Bhairavi, you higher die now. He stabs Kedar and takes the girls with him. while Veer reached Kedar and eliminated the trishul from his lower back, Kedar died. fb ends. Veer slaps Rajguru. Gayatri asks are you Veer. Veer says sure. She says I m your Bua, and that is your sister Sia, this satan has tortured us a lot. Veer takes her benefits. He hugs Sia. Sia says he has stored us captive. Veer says some thing my Dada ji did along with your sister was terrible, what did you do, you ruined lives of many innocent ladies. He scolds Rajguru and slaps him.

Rajguru says you are hating this, the crimes performed with the aid of royal circle of relatives, my sister cried and died in the front of me, i’m able to’t sleep listening to her cry, your circle of relatives men have ruined lives of many harmless girls, i’m able to do the same along with your own family. Revati slaps him and asks why did you kill Jai, what did he do. Rajguru says its your mistake, you had to die and your toddler died. She beats him and shouts on him. Kashinath stops her and hugs. Veer says you need to hate by using wondering well, else we emerge as the same individual whom we hate, look at your self Rajguru, see you have got killed Jai, Kedar, Bhuri and plenty of ladies of my circle of relatives. Rajguru says anybody will die. lighting fixtures move. They look around. Rajguru flees. Veer and Kashinath search for him. Veer says a person helped him flee. Veer receives all people back to haveli. Rajmata hugs Gayatri and Sia. Veer tells fact of Rajguru. Rajmata says now I understand it, whilst Gayatri had gone, your Dada ji announced him Rajguru, we felt peculiar, however your Dada ji said that he is doing this for Gayatri. Veer says it approach Ramesh blackmailed Dada ji and then killed him. Vandana says it manner Rajguru is a satan. Archie says Rajguru had Bhuri with him in his plans. Veer says then Rajguru killed her. He says Akshay, growth the security, take assist from police, nobody else ought to die on this family. Akshay consents.

Archie comes to Veer. She says every inheritor died inside 30 years. Veer says I assume there may be a tale at the back of all and sundry’s demise, it is able to’t be the curse. She says i found this e-book in Rajguru’s house. He sees the book and says its about our family. She says its written via a few foreigner. He reads the story of Lali’s demise. facebook indicates Lali cursing. Veer reads about the King’s dying happening in the jungle. fb indicates the proud King going to seek inside the jungle. He asks his squaddies to attend, he will move and hunt the animal. He gets surrounded by many puppies. He receives scared and screams. He gets killed. Veer reads that human beings believed Kaal Bhairav’s punishment to the King. He reads about the deaths within the royal family, all the heirs have died inside accomplishing the age of 30 years, humans are believing the curse of Lord. He asks in which is the following bankruptcy of this book.

Archie says I got just one volume, I didn’t discover some other one everywhere, who’s doing this. He says we are able to touch the publisher and recognize approximately it. someone assessments the lottery result. He loses the lottery. Veer calls Jayaram. He asks for the second book of Kanakgadh curse. Jayaram says don’t name it, its cursed, my grandpa died and even the printing press were given burnt, 2nd extent wasn’t published, who are you. Veer says I m the prince of that cursed royal circle of relatives. Jayaram says you all are cursed, I don’t want to talk. He sees the lottery tickets again. He calls again Veer and says i have few papers, which my grandpa wanted to post in 2nd e book, come to satisfy me and don’t come once more. Akshay hears Veer. Veer and Archie reach the person’s house. They find the door open. They get in and discover blood stains on the ground. They find Jayaram useless.

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 6th February 2019 Written Update Precap:

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 6th February 2019 Written Episode Update

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 Main Cast is as under

Aditi Gupta ( Archana Singh )

Gautam Rode ( Veervardhan Singh )

Barkha Sengupta ( Bhairavi )

Shresth Kumar ( Neeraj Singh )

Seema Pandey ( Mrs Singh )

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