Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 6th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Vandana Loses The Idol

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 6th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Veer getting dealt with in the sanatorium. all of us waits out of doors. Veer wakes ip and reveals himself tied up. He asks what’s occurring medical doctor, why am I tied, in which is my own family. He asks is everybody there. health practitioner asks the nurse to inject Veer. Veer says i used to be in the temple, my family changed into with me, Dolly attempted to kill me, then I don’t keep in mind what took place, unfastened me. He asks the nurse no longer to offer him the injection. He sleeps by way of the have an effect on of drugs. physician goes out to everyone. Inspector asks are we able to take his statement.

A doctor says Veer has broken up character, he thinks he’s Kaal Bhairav and punishes the culprit, then he doesn’t do not forget something. Inspector says perhaps he’s performing to get saved, i have a video, a proof that he killed Titu. medical doctor says his mental nation is fragile, don’t trouble him now, come later. Inspector says nobody can meet Veer now. Archie argues that Veer is mentally ill, he isn’t a crook. Inspector says he killed humans in our information, i will discover what number of murders he did, no one has permission to go into the ICU. Rajmata cries. Archie says Lord is trying out us, Baba said we need to store many problems to end this curse, this is simply the beginning, we have to be robust, we are able to be triumphant. Revati asks wherein are Pavitra, Vandana and Sia, Guru ji stated we are able to’t go to royal palace till we location the idol. Archie asks are they in threat, we ought to discover the idol after which purify it, Neeraj locate them a few how, Akshay find the idol. Abhiram and Akshay depart.

Pavitra begs Thakur to spare her infant. Thakur calls Abhiram. Abhiram says none is aware of about the idol. Thakur says we should get the idol first, tell me if you know something. Pavitra says I didn’t recognise approximately the idol, I m sorry. Thakur says you promised that you’ll get idol, I had already given you money, till you get the idol, we are able to maintain your infant. Pavitra begs him and says I’m able to return the money, go away my child. He scolds her. He says I don’t take anything which I’ve given to someone, your toddler can’t survive without you, wander away. She asks him to depart her toddler. He leaves in the vehicle. She falls on the street and cries. She says don’t punish my baby for my sins, store my infant, I ought to discover that idol, who could have it. Vandana is together with her child and idol. Idol shines. Vandana sees the dust typhoon. someone hits her automobile. Idol lifts returned nicely on the seat. Vandana faints. Inspector says none can meet Veer, move domestic, don’t waste your time right here. Archie receives a name and says yes, Vandana is my Bhabhi, where is she, we’re coming.

She tells Rajmata about Vandana’s car coincidence. Rajmata asks how is Vandana and idol. Archie says she is in hospital, she has the idol. Revati asks why didn’t she come to us with the idol. Archie asks Rajmata to be with Veer, she can go together with Revati. She asks the inspector to analyze as he wants, talk to a legal professional now. Pavitra thinks what turned into Vandana doing with the idol. Vandana says I m nice now, in which is the idol. the doctor says a nurse has knowledgeable your family, they will come to pick out you, a nurse referred to as Archana and informed which you had baby and idol with you. Vandana says I must pass, where is my baby. doctor says you can’t go on this state. The nurse sees the idol in the storeroom and is going to hope. She takes the idol. Vandana comes there and asks in which is the idol. health practitioner says it changed into kept right here, prevent.

Vandana hurries. She scolds the health practitioner. medical doctor says I asked the nurse to hold idol appropriately. Vandana says I want the idol at any cost. The nurse keeps the idol in some crate. She forgets the whole thing and thinks what am I doing here. The crates are loaded within the truck. The truck leaves. The idol shines. Pavitra says Vandana has the idol, supply me, my child. Thakur asks her to close up, she will get the kid when he receives the idol. Pavitra continues a knife at his neck and asks for her toddler. Thakur asks her to kill him if she needs. She says i’m able to kill you. She stabs him. He screams and says the mad woman, what did you do, i have requested men to get baby to a medical institution, wherein I can get my idol. She gets stunned. a person asks for a lift. motive force doesn’t stop the truck. He turns to see and is going back to help. He sees Neeraj and asks in which do you need to head. Neeraj says I want to go to Kaal Bhairav. He sits within the truck. He prays to Kaal Bhairav. Idol is visible out of the crate.

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