Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 9th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Veer and Archie assuming icon to position in the sanctuary. Thakur says I have promised to help you in getting the icon here, I will go to my town now, I need to do Abhiram’s last customs, I got rebuffed, I will surrender to police. Veer says we will dependably be appreciative to you. Thakur says no, I ought to be appreciative to you, I did as such terrible with you, and, after its all said and done you have me an opportunity to accomplish something great throughout everyday life, you confided in me, I will be constantly grateful. He leaves. Yashpal is oblivious. Thakur gets stunned seeing Brahmanand driving the police vehicle. He requests that driver take u turn quick and pursue Brahmanand. He pursues Brahmanand. He shrouds his face and requests that driver not take their vehicle close. He calls Archie. Archie and everybody are supplicating. Archie doesn’t reply. Thakur calls Veer.

Thakur sees Brahmanand achieving the sanctuary. Brahmanand goes. Thakur attempts to wake up Yashpal. Everybody completes a puja and grins. Thakur calls Archie once more. Vandana says its me, reveal to me what is it. Thakur says I have seen Brahmanand. She gets stunned and advises this to Akshay and Kashinath. They alert the watchmen. Brahmanand takes a camouflage and sees the symbol. He gets furious seeing everybody. He says this symbol is mine, I will slaughter all of you. He begins murdering individuals. Vandana comes there and wounds him. He shouts and swings to her. He hits her. She shouts. Akshay hurries to her. Everybody gets stunned. Vandana asks Veer not to leave the puja. She says its devil to finish this puja. Everybody weeps for Vandana. Individuals beat Brahmanand. Akshay says we are here, you do the puja. Vandana says don’t stress for me, I m fine. Veer and Archie proceed the puja. They complete the puja and come to Vandana. They see Vandana dead. They all weep for Vandana. Veer embraces Archie. Individuals take out dead Brahmanand. Akshay thinks the illustrious family got free of the multi year old revile thusly.

The illustrious family surrenders to police. They get pardoned due to Yashpal’s announcement. Veer meets his family and goes to the restoration focus to get treated for his split identity. Archie embraces Veer. She cries. Following two years, Veer gets totally fine, and meets his family. He embraces Archie and Rajmata. They take him home. Following five years, Akshay advises the story to Vandana, Archie and Pavitra’s youngsters. He says this happened in light of the fact that people need to turn out to be amazing, when there is underhanded, there is in every case great, Brahmanand was abhorrent, yet his more youthful sibling was great, regal family mistook to conceal the symbol, so they got revile, when they did Shuddikaran and kept the icon in sanctuary, everything got fine.

Archie says there is much work, its Veer’s 35th birthday celebration, Akshay you continue recounting stories to everybody, come and help me. Veer commends his birthday. He says no beneficiary lived more than 30 years old previously, today I m commending my 35th birthday celebration, I wish they all were alive today. Archie says we shouldn’t think about the past and consider future. Rajmata favors Veer. Archie asks Veer to cut the cake quick. She says Yashpal didn’t come yet, police has a propensity to arrive behind schedule, I will call him. She calls Yashpal. He says sorry, I have a major case, I m checking even old documents, I will come tomorrow to wish Veer. She says fine. She reveals to Veer that Yashpal can’t come. Veer cuts the cake. Yashpal gets a case. He calls Archie and says I got a man’s suicide case, he ended it all upon the arrival of Vandana and Yash’s marriage. Archie asks how is this identified with us. He says there is the pic of the dead individual, and that is Akshay. She asks what, Akshay is with us. She turns and doesn’t see Akshay. She says I will ask Akshay, where did he go.

She goes to Akshay and sees him running with Neeraj. She says Yashpal called and said about the multi year old suicide case, it has your pic, hear me out. Akshay and Neeraj swing to her. They transform into Kaal Bhairav and Shuvaan. Archie says Kaal Bhairav remained with us as Akshay and helped us, Lord came to help us when we supplicated with a genuine heart. She implores. Vandana’s little girl yells, I m Lali’s beneficiary, I will get the forces and standard on this world. Archie and Pavitra’s children fall back and take a gander at her.

The shows ends.


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