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Archie getting the e-book domestic. Veer assessments the e-book and reads it aloud. He reads that the Kaal Bhairav left the village after Lali’s demise, the idol went lacking, the whole villagers tried to locate the idol but none got it. Archie asks how will we have an idol in temple then. Veer reads beforehand… The mild sparkles and goes off. absolutely everyone concerns. Veer says we’ve computerized generators, lighting have to come. Akshay goes to check. someone comes there with a lantern. They see wind blowing strongly. Chandeliers get shaken up. Veer asks servants to close the home windows speedy. Lantern falls down. The oil reaches the papers and burn it. everybody receives taken aback seeing the fireplace. Veer says papers shouldn’t burn. He attempts to blow off the fire. He sees the papers burnt to ashes. lights get on. the whole thing gets first-rate. Dolly says that guy turned into announcing right, this e-book is unfortunate. Veer says a person has burnt this, someone is keeping us away from truth. He asks who is right here, pop out. Gayatri appears on from far.

Veer and Archie awaken while a person knocks the door. Titu says i have gathered the burnt papers and attempted to get info from it, the king who killed Lali wasn’t a real king. Archie asks what are you pronouncing. Titu says i’m able to let you know the whole lot, the king had four sons, he had an illegitimate king Vikram Singh, Vikram had killed his 4 brothers and buried them, he did a mistake, he didn’t recognise that one among his brother Arjun Singh became alive, Vikram become introduced the king, Arjun changed into dwelling hidingly, Vikram became torturing the villagers, he did the identical factor with Lali, Arjun has also stood there and witnessed the crime. Arjun swears to hold ahead Lali’s curse and not let Vikram’s heirs stay alive and happy. He says Arjun has played this sport, he turned into righteous heir of the palace, his descendants are doing this, Lord had punished Vikram, but perhaps Arjun’s children are doing this. Veer asks how can this occur, Arjun would want revenge, will all his descendants need the same revenge, mum killed Maharani, Rajguru killed Kedar and Dada ji, how can this be genuine that Arjun’s family is killing us.

Suchitra says that family’s humans are killing the royal family, they make different people their pawn in order that they live hidden, they have provoked Rajguru and made him do this, they tried to use Gauri Bansal as nicely. Sumer says we were finding her. She says Gauri turned into Lali’s descendant, Veer’s Dada ji named her all of the belongings 20 years in the past. fb shows Gauri coming to meet Suchitra. Gauri says the ones human beings came with me with a proposal and requested me to assist them killing the royal family, they want me to kill them and take revenge for Lali. Suchitra asks who are they. Gauri says they’re descendants of Arjun, they meet under some tree on the night of Poonam and plan their video games, what shall I do. Suchitra says you inform police.

Gauri says no, I m going to inform truth to Maharani, she has two little kids Yash and Veer. Suchitra asks about her granddaughter. Gauri says my existence is in threat, you cope with her, take her somewhere a ways from here, protect her. fb ends. Suchitra says before she ought to tell reality to Maharani, she were given attacked and lost her intellectual balance. Sumer says Maharani had saved Gauri captive for twenty years, in order that those human beings don’t capture her, she stored Gauri alive to get info about the ones humans. Suchitra says i can tell you, I realize they’re in the palace additionally, they will be assembly near the tree and swear to kill this circle of relatives’s heirs yet again.

Sumer comes to satisfy Bansal. He asks him to get ready, they’ll get the enemies of royal own family. Bansal asks how can this appear, Maharani had killed Yash. Sumer says unique people have carried out the killings, however it all connects to Arjun’s family, Maharani become advised by tantric that if she kills her children, they will remove curse and get alive, someone instigated Rajguru also. Bindal says no, Lord has accomplished this, its a curse, shall we cross again. Sumer says come with me. They see a few human beings praying under the tree. Bindal asks who are they, do you know them. Sumer says no, I simply know they may be from Arjun’s family, we will go close and see. Sumer says we are able to anticipate 7th member and then arrest them, name for again up team. Sumer receives stabbed by way of Bindal. Bindal says I wanted to come back here alone and you purchased me here, I advised you now not to get me right here, I m from Arjun’s own family, its Kalyug, you need to die now. Sumer dies.

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 9th February 2019 Written Update Precap:

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 9th February 2019 Written Episode Update

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