Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 11th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Veena says I know, normal individuals get engaged and enlivened by television, Sonakshi is a decent young lady. Sukhmani says yes. Rohit inquires as to for what reason did you say this. Veena says I mean she is sensible, yet her mum isn’t. Suman calls Nishi. She says Sonakshi is a top entertainer, you got her for initiation and afterward took the cash back. Nishi asks what. Suman says you individuals are modest sort, Rohit accused Sonakshi for taking his watch and after that took the cash back, I will see all of you. She detaches. Nishi says how could she converse with me like that. Veena says Sonakshi knows to regard seniors, Rohit carried on like an ideal man of his word by giving his coat. Sukhmani says your creator coats are expensive. Veena says Sonakshi will launder it and return it, Rohit did much show on introduction day, is there any issue with her now. He says that entertainer isn’t so terrible. She grins. Nishi sees Suman’s pic and says I need to demonstrate her what Sippys can do.

Rohit calls Sonakshi. She says I will send the coat. He says this isn’t an update call for coat, I need to welcome you for a marriage. She says so you are wedding. He says no, our househelp Vimmi’s sibling is wedding a widow, propelled by your show. She says I will doubtlessly come. He says no compelling reason to visit, simply take the card. He says such solicitations aren’t not exactly any honor, its a major thing, I will go, why, didn’t this occur with you, that you do great to somebody accidentally. He reviews the slap. She says messenger the card. He says I will come and give it. She says fine, I will achieve the sets in three hours. He says you were shooting until morning. She says truly, pack up was at 6.30am, I have a move at 12 now. He says fantastic, how would you deal with this, you may become sick. She says no, my body got routine to this, you know the location of my home and sets, you can come. He says I will achieve medical clinic and check arrangements, I will let you know.

Suman says Pari you buckled down and will perform well, don’t stress. Pari says I need to win. Suman says I m coming to there. Sonakshi reveals to Suman that she is leaving. Suman doesn’t reply. Sonakshi goes to check the entryway. She sees police. She asks what occurred. Assessor says we have a request, we need to look through your home, you possibly TV star yet we have a grumbling. They go into the house and check. Suman checks the warrant.

Monitor says you went to my police headquarters and admonished me, I thought you are self absorbed, I became more acquainted with you are a criminal. Suman says we didn’t take anything. They chaos up everything. Sonakshi says there is nothing, kindly leave. Reviewer says take madam to station, take Suman Rastogi, not Sonakshi. Suman says I didn’t do anything. Sonakshi says you can’t take mum, let us know, who has recorded the protest. Examiner says Sippy family, their expensive watch is stolen. Sonakshi says I returned it to Rohit, converse with Rohit, mum doesn’t think about it. He says its a technique, come to station and clear the disarray. Sonakshi says we will dependably have this shame, this will get clear, I gave the watch to Rohit, I will call him. Suman is removed.

The man declares the last competitors. Pooja Sippy gets chose. Parinidhi Rastogi is likewise chosen. The woman says Pooja and Pari have same imprints. Sonakshi requests that Shankar pursue the jeep. She calls Rohit. Medical caretaker enlightens Rohit concerning reports. He trains the medical caretaker. Sonakshi calls him and asks where are you, for what reason wouldn’t you be able to answer the call. He says I m at the medical clinic. She says you griped for the watch, I returned it, overseer is taking my mum. He asks what, I know nothing. She requests that he come to police headquarters and get her mum liberated. Pooja praises Pari. Pari challenges her and says I will win. Pooja says I m Pooja Sippy, you figure I will give you a chance to win effectively. They contend. Pari tosses squeeze over her dress. Young ladies look on. Pooja says its fine, when I win in finals, I will have a similar grin all over, all the best, complete your beverage.

Veena asks Vimmi to simply get the things they need, and not get any free arrangements. Rohit calls her and says Suman is captured, I have my watch, what’s going on. Veena says we didn’t document any protest. Nishi says I did this, Suman called me and addressed me discourteously, she called us modest, Suman ought to get rebuffed. He says we need to go to police headquarters and clear this. Nishi says she ought to get rebuffed. Rohit says I have my watch, Suman is accused for taking this, Sonakshi returned it to me, accompany me to police headquarters. Veena says Rohit is stating right, you ought to go there. Rohit says truly, see you there. Nishi says I would go with Pooja at her style occasion, Suman is extremely tasteless. Sonakshi requests that controller hear her out, Rohit has the watch, he is coming. Monitor doesn’t pay notice. Sonakshi says my mum isn’t a cheat.

Precap: Rohit says Nishi had recorded the grievance for this watch. He asks Nishi to state sorry. Nishi cannot. Sonakshi says I would prefer not to see your face or converse with you once more. Rohit looks on.


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