Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 12th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sonakshi comes and says Rohit, you here. Akash says its incident wrong, shoot the correct way. Netra inquires as to for what reason is your whole family after my show, Rohit reveal to me calling of your relatives. Ajit says developer, specialist, café proprietor. She says give me list with the goal that I advise authors not to put these callings scenes. Sonakshi says we will ask Rohit to compose the content. Rohit asks Akash not to get into this, they can do anything without degree, medical procedure to cooking, will we accomplish for what we have come. Ajit says we have come to take selfie with your legend. Sonakshi asks Sumit? She follows them.

Sumit crashes into Rohan and asks who are you, released me. Rohan says I heard you are the legend of this show. Sumit says I m a hotshot. Rohan asks Ajit to meet a whiz. Ajit says hotshot and such modest activities. Sumit asks who are you. Akash says you simply stress for yourself, we have come to show you a thing or two. Sumit says all of you are inebriated, security will beat you, simply go. Rohit says call security, call the police, on the off chance that you have the fearlessness, at that point call the military.

Sonakshi and everybody come. Rohit says that is my family, we as a whole think about the terrible thing you have done on the style show night. Sumit says goodness alright, you came here for that jabber, did you call me the previous evening. He chuckles. He says Dr. Rohit, for what reason would you do this whimsical thing, you may have felt you have won and afterward got frustrated as none arrived at that address, sorry, I bombed your arrangement, its time for me to work, even all of you leave. He says Sonakshi your visitors have come, I will tell something, whatever happened that night, I had done it, the state of Pooja’s garments on the stage, I had done it. They blow up. Sumit says Pooja was guiltless, I had clashes with Sonakshi, that arrangement was for Praniti, Pooja was only an injured individual, its equivalent now, you upset me to dazzle Sonakshi, we are arranged at this point. Sonakshi says you are such a modest man. Sumit says yes I m, you are Parvati Devi, lift me in your arms possibly I will change. Rohan blows up. Sumit requests that he stop.

He says take a gander at this, you can peruse, its expectant bail, I got this from court toward the beginning of the day, Rohit accumulate proof and do what you need. Netra asks what’s going on. Sumit says your courageous woman’s companions have making a wreck, toss them out, I won’t shoot in the event that I see Rohit here, I m disturbed, get the vehicle. Sonakshi plays the account. She asks what occurred, you are doing television sequential since long time, you overlooked you shouldn’t admit truth before individuals, your character had gotten the guilty party similarly in our scene, today I did this. She gives her telephone to Rohit. She says he had admitted his violations, we can’t have greater evidence.

Sumit asks what’s going on, these accounts are pointless, my uncle is the ACP, remain away. Rohit erases it. Sonakshi inquires as to for what reason did you erase it. Rohit says we were not wanting to offer it to police, for what reason to bother his ACP uncle, we are sufficient for him. Sumita asks Netra to get them out. Netra says shut the primary door, none will go out until I state. Rohit yells Pooja. Yash gets Pooja there. Yash says this man is your guilty party, you will rebuff him. Pooja slaps Sumit. Sumit says how could you.

Rohit, Rohan and others beat Sumit. The individuals record this. Pooja embraces Sonakshi and cries. Sumit folds hands. Rohit says you ought to apologize to those ladies whom you mishandled, you need to regard ladies, Netra, Sonakshi and everybody here, sorry to learn here and do this, nobody focuses until this occurs with us, this can occur with anybody in our family, when one man perpetrates such a shabby wrongdoing, every one of the men need to shoulder the brunt, on the off chance that anything occurs, if it’s not too much trouble raise your voice, document a body of evidence against such terrible men. Sonakshi looks on.

Rohit asks the woman not to put the account via web-based networking media to get likes and remarks, Pooja and Pari will move toward becoming theme of tattle. Sumit says Rohit, you didn’t do great. He requests that driver get the vehicle. Driver says you drive it, I would prefer not to work for mammoth like you. He gives the keys. The individuals go. Sumit looks on.

Rohit says sorry Netra ji, the legend left as a result of us. Sonakshi says sorry, yet it was devil to show Sumit a thing or two. Netra says you did well. Ajit says Pooja is fine at this point. Netra says we manage such men and we do berate them, I will supplant Sumit. Rohan asks how, he is the saint. She says no, our show’s saint is his character Kunal, on-screen character will change. Sonakshi says it requires some investment to acknowledge new face, we can demonstrate that Kunal met with a mishap and we will do plastic medical procedure, we will demonstrate his face is bound and after that another face, another Kunal. Akash says if Nishi was here, she would have blacked out. Rohit asks will specialist do the medical procedure or you… Netra says Parvati ought to do Kunal’s medical procedure. Rohit says plastic medical procedure isn’t a joke. Netra says I wasn’t kidding, specialist will do it.

She asks Sonakshi to come on the sets, her scenes will be more. Netra asks Akash to come and check the Dal. Akash snickers and goes with Rohan and Ajit. The man gets sustenance for Rohit. Sonakshi says he is a heart specialist, he won’t eat fricasseed sustenance, get plate of mixed greens. Rohit says I will have it, I m a heart specialist, not a heart persistent, my patients can’t eat this, I can eat it, we sindhis like such samosas and kachoris, its delectable, I will come to have this once more. He asks Sonakshi to have it. She requests serving of mixed greens. She says I didn’t have any acquaintance with you eat this. He says one ought to eat everything, equalization and exercise keep wellbeing better, its a free guidance, note it down. He expresses profound gratitude, we could have never come to Sumit without you. She grins seeing him.

Precap: Rohit sees his coat and says my coat. Sonakshi says I have returned it. He says no. She says I will return it. She sees coat and says he would have seen it. She requests that he take his fav coat. He says its not all that fav, you keep it. She grins.


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