Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 13th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Nishi says I ought to have been there, I would have beaten Sumit likewise, he supposes he is saint. She aids to Yash. Tanya deals with Rohan. Rohan says we have beaten him well. Sukhmani says you did great, Pooja you are fortunate to have whole family remaining by you, thinking about those young ladies who have nobody to help them, be solid, that none can hurt you. Everybody applauds. Rohan comes and asks did you get the guide, come, its my specialty survey. Yash and Ajit state we will come later. Nishi expresses gratitude toward Rohit and embraces. Veena grins. Rohit says if Sonakshi didn’t help, this would have not occurred.

Pari says this Rohan Sippy is a major developer, his organization turnover is in crores, intriguing. Suman gives the nightie to house keeper. She says Rohit had worn this, I can’t wear it. Pari asks her not to blow up, she will be glad for her one day. She says I met a person and was inquiring about him, he has numerous contacts, he is a major developer, I thought to become friends with him. Suman says my Pari got reasonable. Rohan goes to his lodge. He jokes on Ajit and asks will we begin. Ajit says the new wing is prepared, we have made an additional wing for patients’ families remain. Rohit says your work will get high, patients will increment. Medical caretaker says we ought to say thanks to Sonakshi, I pursue her via web-based networking media, she posts a ton about this innovation, individuals pay attention to her promise more than you. Dr. Dimpy says Sonakshi is well known, imagine a scenario in which we welcome her consistently to converse with patients.

Medical attendant says Parvati’s enchantment. Rohit says I comprehend, YK and Ajit did you comprehend, you are advertising group. Yash says we need to converse with Suman. Rohit says you need to talk. Yash says fine, I will address her. Netra and Ritu come to meet Sonakshi. Sonakshi asks by what method will we oversee without Sumit. Netra says there is channel meeting tomorrow. Ritu says you got spared in cooker impact. Sonakshi says truly, we shot it. Ritu says Kunal is feeling the loss of, a few people abduct him, we will play the show on Parvati, we will put Kunal and Parvati’s old minutes on title track, unwind, TRP will get high, Kunal will be found once more. Sonakshi says and his face is harmed. Netra says then new Kunal will come, track is great, I will describe it to channel tomorrow. Ritu goes.

Sonakshi says Rohit was feeling regretful, how might we oversee without Sumit, all that, what… Netra asks what’s going on, you delineate for me, shouldn’t something be said about specialist. Sonakshi says nothing, we have begun companionship, he is great on a fundamental level. Netra says indeed, he showed a thing or two to Sumit and expressed great words, on the off chance that he wasn’t a specialist, I would have made him a saint. Sonakshi says our scene could never get finished by his rationale. Netra says that specialist is a sweet individual. Sonakshi says no, heart specialist. Netra says sorry to learn your heart specialist a specialist. She goes. Sonakshi says Rohit is brilliant, he is intriguing everybody, much the same as another television program, when a show is new, there is much anxiety, however bit by bit everybody begins to like it. She wears the coat and says its great, what will I blessing Rohit, he has everything, its extreme, consider it, give me the thought later. She goes.

Suman asks how might you believe that Sonakshi will do anything for your emergency clinic, we would prefer not to keep any terms with Sippys. Yash says she has cut my call, she is an impolite lady, fish advertise ladies are more advanced than her. Ajit says I needed to decline when Rohit got some information about this. Rohit comes and says Sonakshi won’t take cash for this, she restored the cash, she said she doesn’t charge when she works for emergency clinic occasions and military, I will converse with her legitimately. Sonakshi considers Rohit and grins. Rohit calls her and approaches would we be able to go for supper on the off chance that you are free, I have to talk. She says sure, where. He says don’t stress, I will pick you. She says its a decent opportunity to blessing him something, its hard to choose present for folks, we young ladies have numerous alternatives, what will I give, scent, no, shirt, I don’t have the foggiest idea about the estimations, cell phone, truly, its a decent arrangement, he is a specialist, he should go to numerous calls, one telephone for patients and one for family. She calls.

Precap: The man conveys the telephone. Pulkit keeps the package. Sonakshi requests that Maid pack the package. House keeper packs the waxing strips unintentionally. Sonakshi asks Rohit to initially check the blessing and after that discussion. He expresses gratitude toward her.


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