Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 15th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with nurses watching Rohit’s chest. He fast buttons his blouse. He asks Simmi to get dental document of Mr. Shukla. He asks them to get Mr. Singh. Suraj comes. Rohit says Pallavi is exceptional. Suraj asks don’t you recognize me. Rohit says you’re Pallavi’s husband, Suraj. Suraj says yes, but we met earlier than. Rohit asks where. Sultan explains the scene to Sonakshi. Sonakshi cries and delivers the strains. She says I received’t permit whatever to my Rohit. Netra seems on and stops them. She smiles. Sonakshi says i can save my Rohit. every person laughs. Sultan says reduce. Sonakshi asks what befell. Netra says Parvati’s husband is Kunal, now not Rohit. Sonakshi says sorry, definitely… Netra says we can listen you. Sonakshi asks can i take a 10mins destroy. She goes.

Suraj offers the papers to Rohit. He says kindly go through these papers, it was my birthday when you had come to my workplace to invite for call information, you could check numbers and get locations, thanks for saving my wife’s existence. Rohit thanks him. He checks and says the decision changed into replied in Pune, it way Raima is in Pune, you need to return back Raima.

Akash gets a call from Deepa. He says allow me name you late, I m now not within the temper to talk, sorry. He says i will’t apprehend why are Yash and Nishi mendacity to us, they realize Pooja’s actual dad and mom. Netra laughs and says you had been pronouncing, I won’t allow something occur to my Rohit. Sonakshi says i was silly to take his call, he despatched me a video, I noticed it earlier than approaching units. Netra says he is a pleasant guy, you have to pass in advance. Sonakshi says nice, I do like him however only as a friend, that’s it. Netra says in general all friendships end in courtship. Sonakshi says no, Rohit has a beyond. Netra says every person has a beyond, however existence can’t move on conserving the past. Sonakshi thinks of Rohit’s words. Netra says allow time take its flip. Sonakshi asks what if time goes into the beyond, if she comes lower back….

Sonakshi keeps the scene. Mhatre comes there. Netra sees him. Sonakshi says I recognise I didn’t do any mistake now. Netra says Mhatre has come right here. Sonakshi says make him sit down in my room, he is here to satisfy me, i have some work. Netra asks are you hiding some thing, don’t agree with this man. Sonakshi says I should satisfy my promise, i’m able to complete this shot.

Sonakshi says its already 6pm and you’re telling me now that the characteristic is this night. Mhatre says so what, you came at night. She says i’ve a night shoot. He says you are a famous person, cancel the shooting. She says its now not feasible. He says we had a deal, its your turn now, its for my brother’s wedding, as soon as your work is carried out, you could depart from Pune. She says but… He sees the guards. They shut the door and cross. Mhatre says I were given your work completed in few hours, then why are you arguing now, I still have the ones motion pictures and pics, I simply want to make one name. She asks are you threatening me. He says you don’t recognize it, I m asking for you, i will wait for you at the function, tonight at 11. she says send me the deal with. He smiles and goes.

She says some times we address such humans, its necessary to tolerate, I should go to Pune. Veena asks Rohit how will find her. Rohit says Suraj’s colleague will assist me, i’m able to meet Raima and speak to her. Netra says I m scared of all this. Sonakshi says if I don’t pass, Pooja might be in danger. Netra says if some thing happens, your profession might be at stake, it’s going to give up, do you worry for this or not. Rohit asks why are you concerned. Veena says i have seen your tears at the back of your smile. Rohit says I want to fulfill Raima, I sense my lifestyles has come back. She says exceptional, visit Pune. He hugs her and goes. She cries.

Sonakshi says I could be again in a few hours, its small occasion, I do sense guilty to leave shoot this way. Netra asks what’s going to you tell Suman. Sonakshi says i’m able to’t inform mum, I must mislead her, this ought to be just among us, I accept as true with you. Netra says you didn’t depart any choice for me. Sonakshi says first-class, i’m able to meet you. Rohit reaches Pune. He asks Ravi to stop at some eating place and feature tea or espresso to dispose of sleep. Rohit waits. He sees Sonakshi with her fanatics, taking selfie. She sees Rohit and turns away. She says i can see Rohit here too. She turns back and sees him long past. Rohit involves her. She says its getting too much. He asks what have I accomplished. She asks is it definitely you. He asks what do you imply, I noticed you and came to say you hello. She says so sorry, sit down down. She asks why are you right here. He says I m going to Pune, there may be a scientific emergency, what about you. She says i have going for a wedding appearance.

He says you are mendacity. She says you aren’t announcing the fact, your present… He says one more. She says not the only that reached through mistake, that is the actual present i purchased for you. He says I still get that funny feeling. She says sorry, that become quite painful, it turned into for me. He says I had thrown it. She says don’t lie. He says i will send it. She says you could use it subsequent time. He says thank you, however i can’t preserve it. She says you may maintain it and use it for Raima, so sorry. He says i will name her the usage of this. Ravi comes to name him. Rohit needs her all the great. They shake hands. She says proper success. He thanks her. He involves Sonakshi once more and says you as soon as stated you are Parvati, your prayers are answered, Mata rani by no means listens to me, I without a doubt want benefits nowadays, will you talk to her. She nods. He goes. She prays for Rohit, he usually remains happy.

Precap: Sonakshi says I m seeing Rohit anywhere, he isn’t terrible at coronary heart. She sees Rohit anywhere. She thinks he is someone else’s love. Rohit says i like you Sonakshi.


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