Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 15th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Rohit says great she is steady. He goes to Suraj and says Pallavi is out of peril now. Suraj expresses gratitude toward him for sparing her. Medical attendant says Veena called you ordinarily, converse with her. Rohit says we will keep Pallavi in ICU for some days, she is out of strain, you can grin. He goes to converse with Veena. He sees Sonakshi’s blessing. He is en route and checks the blessing. He asks what’s this. Ravi says its hair evacuating sticker. Rohit finds out about waxing strips. He thinks about Sonakshi’s words. Sonakshi prepares. She requests that house keeper take her pack. She gets Rohit’s call. She asks is everything fine, how is Pallavi. He says she is out of threat, I saw your blessing and called you. She asks did you like this, I saw you and thought you need it. He asks what, does your television sequential individuals use it. She says truly, its most recent, you use it, at that point you will like it, its not very exorbitant. He asks what did you think and blessing this. She says I suspected as much and got this. She says I m so upbeat. House keeper places telephone in the bundle. Sonakshi requests that he use it now. He asks now, I m in the vehicle. She says so what, use it and show everybody, don’t conceal it in organizer, I need confirmation that you are utilizing it, make a video and send me. He asks what. She says indeed, it is anything but a major thing, I should realize that you truly loved it.

He says it will be excessively. She says I realize you are modest, I will sit tight for video, I m going for shoot. She finishes call and says he loved the video. He asks will I make its video. Sonakshi gets the content. Sunita says some promotion shoot is going on there, I have seen Pooja. Pooja says sorry, I can’t do this promotion. Kavuta asks what occurred. Pooja says my father will make up for the misfortune, sorry. Sonakshi goes to her. Pooja says I was simply leaving. Sonakshi says you aren’t ready to overlook that. Pooja says I m apprehensive that my dress will tumble off once more, I can’t do this. Sonakshi says no, unwind, you need to proceed onward. Pooja says I m attempting to be solid and certain, everybody feels sorry for me, on the off chance that that style show pics turn out, at that point what, I m tired, is this new life now. She cries. Sonakshi embraces her and requests that her quiet down.

Rohit returns home. Veena requests that he proceed to wash up. She says Simmi said a patient was basic, is everything fine. Ajit and Rohit look on. Rohit says she is steady at this point. Vimmi impacts. The crate falls. Rohit picks it and goes. Rohan signs Ajit. Yash says where did the record go. Nishi says none should realize that we know Pooja’s genuine guardians, we may ask Vimmi, come. Akash accompanies the record. He asks who are Pooja’s genuine guardians, I have this record and I perused all reports. Nishi says its none of your worry, its between us. Akash says we thought Pooja is our family young lady, I m sure the issue is too huge, I will know this reality. He goes. Yash says Akash… Nishi says none can know Pooja’s genuine guardians.

Rohit asks what can this peculiar blessing mean. Rohan and Ajit come. Rohit shrouds the blessing. Rohan gets the crate and says you are concealing it, for what reason are you doing this. Rohit says you realize I don’t do this, I didn’t get it, Sonakshi gave this blessing. Rohan inquires as to for what reason will she blessing this. Rohit says she said its best quality, we can utilize it anyplace, she requested that I use it in the vehicle and send video. Rohan says there would be some reason, think Ajit. Ajit says Rohit has much hair on his body. Rohit says no, its typical. Ajit says possibly she is testing you. Rohit asks what. Rohan says she needs to demonstrate that ladies are more solid than men. Ajit asks did you do waxing, on the off chance that you do this, she will realize you are genuine saint. Rohit says I would prefer not to. Rohan says we are Sippy young men, we will send her numerous recordings, acknowledge the test. Rohit concurs.

Sonakshi peruses the content. He asks what did Pulkit send. She sees the telephone and says this is a telephone, I mean its telephone implied for Rohit, what did I blessing Rohit. Ajit takes a video. Rohit requests that he pick up the pace. Sonakshi says I don’t have a clue what did I give Rohit, about what were we talking in morning. Rohit says I m sure, I m Sippy, I will demonstrate Sonakshi that I can endure any torment, record and send the video to Sonakshi. Rohan takes the strip and applies on Rohit’s chest. Rohit gestures. Rohan pulls it. Rohit shouts.

Sonakshi gets the video. She sees Rohit shouting. Sunita asks what occurred, who shouted. Sonakshi says its forward message, get a green tea for me. She plays video and says this… what did I do, poor Rohit. Rohit beverages water. Ajit says you finished the test. Rohit says Sonakshi, I have finished your test, Sippy young men aren’t apprehensive, next time ask me before gifting me anything, it would be ideal if you Sonakshi snickers and says he is distraught, I can barely handle it, he got his chest waxed, servant has swapped the blessing, Rohit ought to have asked me, he is taught and reasonable, he said he will send video and he sent, poor Rohit. She says he has buckled down, I should give him genuine blessing, this time no slip-up, I will pack and I will give it.

Precap: Sonakshi says I m seeing Rohit all over, he isn’t awful on the most fundamental level. She sees Rohit all over the place. She supposes he is another person’s adoration. Rohit says I cherish you Sonakshi.


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