Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 16th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Akash gets a call from Deepa. He says let me call you late, I m not in the mind-set to talk, sorry. He says I can’t comprehend for what reason are Yash and Nishi deceiving us, they know Pooja’s genuine guardians. Netra snickers and says you were stating, I won’t let anything happen to my Rohit. Sonakshi says I was moronic to take his name, he sent me a video, I saw it before going ahead sets. Netra says he is a pleasant person, you ought to proceed. Sonakshi says fine, I do like him however just as a companion, that is it. Netra says for the most part all kinships end in romance. Sonakshi says no, Rohit has a past. Netra says everybody has a past, however life can’t proceed onward holding the past. Sonakshi thinks about Rohit’s words. Netra says let time go ahead. Sonakshi inquires as to whether time goes into the past, in the event that she returns… .

Sonakshi proceeds with the scene. Mhatre comes there. Netra sees him. Sonakshi says I realize I didn’t do any slip-up now. Netra says Mhatre has come here. Sonakshi says cause him to sit in my room, he is here to meet me, I have some work. Netra asks are you concealing something, don’t confide in this man. Sonakshi says I need to satisfy my guarantee, I will finish this shot.

Sonakshi says its officially 6pm and you are disclosing to me since the capacity is today around evening time. Mhatre says so what, you came around evening time. She says I have a night shoot. He says you are a star, drop the shooting. She says its unrealistic. He says we had an arrangement, its your turn now, its for my sibling’s wedding, when your work is done, you can leave from Pune. She says yet… He sees the watchmen. They shut the entryway and go. Mhatre says I completed your work in couple of hours, at that point for what reason are you contending now, despite everything I have those recordings and pics, I simply need to make one call. She asks are you undermining me. He says you don’t get it, I m mentioning you, I will sit tight for you at the capacity, today around evening time at 11. she says send me the location. He grins and goes.

She says a few times we manage such individuals, its important to endure, I need to go to Pune. Veena asks Rohit by what method will discover her. Rohit says Suraj’s associate will support me, I will meet Raima and converse with her. Netra says I m scared of this. Sonakshi says in the event that I don’t go, Pooja will be in hazard. Netra says on the off chance that anything occurs, your profession will be in question, it will end, do you stress for this or not. Rohit inquires as to for what reason are you stressed. Veena says I have seen your tears behind your grin. Rohit says I need to meet Raima, I feel my life has returned. She says fine, go to Pune. He embraces her and goes. She cries.

Sonakshi says I will be back in certain hours, its little occasion, I do feel regretful to leave shoot along these lines. Netra asks what will you tell Suman. Sonakshi says I can’t tell mum, I need to mislead her, this ought to be simply between us, I confide in you. Netra says you didn’t leave any choice for me. Sonakshi says fine, I will meet you. Rohit comes to Pune. He asks Ravi to stop at some café and have tea or espresso to dispose of rest. Rohit pauses. He sees Sonakshi with her fans, taking selfie. She sees Rohit and dismisses. She says I can see Rohit here as well. She turns back and sees him gone. Rohit goes to her. She says its getting excessively. He asks what have I done. She asks is it truly you. He asks what do you mean, I saw you and came to state you greetings. She says so heartbroken, plunk down. She inquires as to for what reason are you here. He says I m going to Pune, there is a therapeutic crisis, shouldn’t something be said about you. She says I have going for a wedding appearance.

He says you are lying. She says you aren’t stating reality, your blessing… He says one more. She says not the one that come to accidentally, this is the genuine blessing I purchased for you. He says despite everything I get that strong inclination. She says sorry, that was very excruciating, it was for me. He says I had tossed it. She says don’t lie. He says I will send it. She says you can utilize it next time. He expresses profound gratitude, however I can’t keep it. She says you can keep it and use it for Raima, so heartbroken. He says I will call her utilizing this. Ravi comes to call him. Rohit wants her to enjoy all that life has to offer. They shake hands. She says good karma. He says thanks to her. He comes to Sonakshi again and says you once said you are Parvati, your supplications are replied, Mata rani never tunes in to me, I genuinely need endowments today, will you converse with her. She gestures. He goes. She appeals to God for Rohit, he generally remains cheerful.

Precap: Sonakshi says I m seeing Rohit all over the place, he isn’t awful on a basic level. She sees Rohit all over. She supposes he is another person’s adoration. Rohit says I adore you Sonakshi.


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