Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 18th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Rohit coming to a telecom business enterprise and asking the person to help him music the wide variety. the man says sorry, come day after today. Rohit shouts please Sir. Sonakshi cries recalling Suman and Pari’s words. Sunita comes. Sonakshi says Pari said I need to manipulate her, mum and Pari don’t understand Sumit, you’re on set, you recognize he’s reasonably-priced, how I tolerate him, i really like my work loads, that’s why I m doing this show with him, but I also have a few ethics, i can’t beg him, why don’t they recognize. She cries. Rohit says I need to recognize the area of this number, check gadget, someone replied the call after a few years. the man says the server is closed. Rohit says you can track it. the person shouts sufficient, you purchased in and getting hyper, police permission is wanted to track range, go to police, resort Fir and are available to me tomorrow. Rohit holds his collar and says I call that variety each day, a person responded it nowadays, and your system is down. He leaves the man. Kisse puchun….performs…. Rohit calls again and cries. Sonakshi hugs Sunita and cries.

Sunita consoles her. Ajit calls Rohit and asks him to get Sukhmani’s diamond necklace. Rohit says high-quality. Ajit asks are you quality, wherein are you. Veena asks are you fine Rohit. Rohit cries and says not anything, I m reaching domestic, i can get geared up and are available. Veena says okay. Naren says he is a grown up guy, its no longer proper to fear for him, he can cope with himself, take it clean.

Pari says don’t worsen me mother, i’m able to take care. She argues with a woman. The female asks her no longer to worry about her get dressed. Pari gets angry on Sonakshi. Sonakshi says its time to cover the hurricane of coronary heart at the back of the make-up, get prepared with a smile. Rohit comes domestic. He calls the wide variety again. Veena comes. Rohit says Ajit called me, you came back. She asks what took place. He says ready. She asks won’t you tell me, did you call on tha variety once more. He cries and says I call each day, no one answers, a person replied nowadays for the first time. She asks who. He says don’t recognise, it became some man, he stated whats up after which disconnected. She hugs him. They cry. She says time doesn’t stop for all and sundry, we ought to circulate on, you could’t pass returned in past, free yourself. He says you’re right, its Pooja’s unique day, i can’t leave out it. She makes him put on the coat. He asks how do I look. She signs and symptoms accurate. He says you furthermore mght appearance quite, might you be my date nowadays. She says whilst the fellow is so good-looking, I should cross on the date. They go away.

Sonakshi asks Sunita to go and have meals, they will start getting geared up after some time. Veena asks driver to pressure rapid, Naren is waiting. Rohit gets the message and sees Pooja and different contestants’ pix. Rohit asks mom, whom would be select between me and Naren. She asks what’s this question. He says you just worry for dad. She says you’re a coronary heart health care provider, character is alive till he has a heartbeat, you are my coronary heart and Naren is my heartbeat, easy.

Sonakshi tests dresses. lights burst off. She calls out Sunita. someone comes to her. She receives away and asks who is it. She makes use of her telephone torch and sees Karan. She asks what are you doing right here. He says my GF Dolly, she is in pinnacle 5 finalists, I got to recognise you also are right here, so i have come. She pushes him and is going out. She asks is all people there. She asks the crew member to test the lights. the man says provide me 5mins. Karan says don’t waste the time. She shouts get out, else you can’t display this face to anyone. He says your attitude didn’t go, you are television large star, I ma struggling actor. He is going. She shuts the door. He says its correct time to ashame her, you may usually keep in mind this day.

Sippys come for the fashion display. Nishi is very excited for Pooja. She hugs Yash. Veena is going to Naren. He asks is the whole thing best. She says sure. Rohit is going to wonder Sukhmani. Veena makes her wear the diamond necklace. Sukhmani says I forgot this at home. Veena says Nishi is tensed. Rohan and Tanya click on selfies. Nishi says I m so worried, I need a drink. Rohan says I recognise, come to the bar. Deepa clicks selfie with Sukhmani. Mrs. Mehra greets Naren and Veena. She calls out Rohan. Rohit greets them. He says Akash is looking me. Deepa says Tanya is asking me. Naren says i will see them. Mrs. Mehra asks about Rohit’s marriage. Veena says he changes the subject usually. Mrs. Mehra says he will agree soon. Veena says see, he is on my own once more, don’t recognise while will we get Rohit’s lifestyles accomplice. Sonakshi is prepared. She is going to desire Pari. Sumit looks on. Pari asks the lady to repair her gown, the hook is very loose. The girl says i will fix it, don’t fear. Sumit remembers Sonakshi’s words.

Precap: Suman and Deepa argue for seat. Rohit and Sonakshi argue for them.


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