Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 18th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sonakshi says Rishi, I m terrified, where is Arjun. Rishi says you did great, he will come, we will enjoy a reprieve. She asks Adi to make her meet Pari. He says I will check and let you know. Sumit hears him getting out Pari. He sees Pari. Veena cuts Naren’s nails. He shouts. He says you utilize huge instruments in medical clinic, you are terrified to utilize nail cutters, I cut your nails like children, what will individuals say. He jokes and giggles. He says I realize you like cutting nails, I recollect, you became hopelessly enamored from the outset locate in school and made me guarantee. They discuss school times. She says its done, you are so terrified. He says its the hardest thing. She says I stress for Rohit. He inquires as to why. She says he ought to likewise find a hobby accomplice, I can feel his forlornness. He says he will find some useful task to fulfill accomplice. She says after whatever occurred.

Rohit reviews some young lady and that slap. He calls and call doesn’t interface. He leaves the approach. He hears somebody replying. He takes the telephone and yells. He calls once more. He says just once… .. He leaves his lodge and hits. Attendant takes a gander at him. Yash sings seeing Nishi and asks are despite everything you vexed. Nishi embraces him and cries. He says grin, I don’t sing so terrible. She says I m worried about Pooja, she needs to win this challenge for us, in the event that she loses… . I couldn’t care less, I realize she has attempted her best, I know Pooja, she is passionate, she won’t most likely endure this disappointment. Sumit welcomes the young ladies and says I m your new judge and thought to give all the best to all of you. The woman presents Sumit Khanna. Sumit welcomes Pari and requests that her progress nicely. Pooja looks on. Yash says medical attendant said Pooja is powerless, when she was 3 months old, you said we will get her home, we did it, regardless of whether Pooja loses today, its fine, we will do the equivalent once more, we will remain by her.

They joke and grin. Nishi says don’t cry, else it will be difficult to clarify your mum. He says you mean you are accompanying me to meet mum. She says indeed, I realize we don’t gel well, yet I have an uncommon connection with you. He takes her. Veena gets out everybody. Vimmi says Pooja… . Hireling switches off the lights. Everybody makes extraordinary passages and giggle. Sukhmani asks where are YK and Nishi. Yash and Nishi come. Veena embraces Nishi and compliments her. Sonakshi says thanks to Rishi. Suman says I would prepare and came here. Sonakshi asks what’s this. Suman says crow has given the good karma, where is the good karma. Pari comes and embraces her. They compliment one another. Pari says I have to converse with you. She requests that everybody go out. She says you realize the new judge is Sumit, I can’t converse with him, you converse with him please. Sonakshi asks what’s the need. Pari says its required, solicit him to take care from me.

Sonakshi requests that her success by her diligent work. Suman says triumph is devil, how can it matter in the event that we converse with Sumit, its about Pari’s profession, I won’t endure your morals, Pari needs to win. Sonakshi says she will win without anybody’s support. Suman says I m her mum and comprehend what she needs, proceed to converse with Sumit now. Sonakshi says sorry, I can’t. Pari says you don’t love me, you are desirous of me, that I will increase star. Sonakshi asks what, am I envious, you realize I will be so upbeat on the off chance that you win, I can do anything for you, however this isn’t right, I can’t give you a chance to foul up and foul up for you. Pari says so you chose, you got visually impaired in sense of self, you are running home, you think you got us, you think our genuine is additionally a television program, we will hear your address, I couldn’t care less. Sonakshi cries. Pari goes.

Precap: Rohit says I m calling this number since numerous years, track this number. Sonakshi sees somebody. Rohit and Sonakshi contend to get seats for their relative.


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