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The Episode starts with Sonakshi coming inside the birthday party. She is going at the level. the person asks Mhatre to play the song. Sonakshi says we like it while you invite us to a own family feature and treat us like a member of the family, thank you, I m happy to meet you all, Nikhil ji received’t you take photographs. Mhatre is going on degree. They get pix clicked via the photographers. all of the men come on level and join Sonakshi inside the %. Sonakshi needs Nikhil. Mhatre receives irritated at the men. Sonakshi thanks Mhatre and is going. He throws the glass in anger. Rohit cries and is drunk. Veena wakes up and switches on lighting fixtures. She sees the time. She says I experience ordinary, i am hoping my Rohit is first-class. She goes and calls Rohit. Rohit cries. She calls Ravi. He says don’t understand where did Sir move, I m locating him considering that four hours, I m looking to discover him. She issues. She goes to Naren and says please wake up. He asks what passed off. She says Rohit is missing, we should go to Pune.

Naren says we can’t discover him without data. She says its all my mistake. Akash attempts to call Ravi. Ravi says its raining closely here, you return in the morning. Kannu says i will come to observe your shoot. Sonakshi says positive. She gets Netra’s name. Sonakshi says I m leaving now, the whole lot is excellent. Netra says you could come tomorrow, don’t fear. Sonakshi says we shall leave now, Shankar. She says Mhatre ji, i have settled the scores, i’m hoping you will delete Pooja’s photos and films and fulfill your promise, study Kannu, she respects you, what is going to she sense knowing her dad is using an harmless woman’s incident in this count. He deletes the video. She says don’t display me your face once more. She waves to Kannu and leaves.

Rohit walks on the street. He receives hit. Shankar says its not my mistake. Sonakshi asks him to head and see. Shankar asks are you exceptional, are you harm. He says that man is a drunkard. Sonakshi sees Rohit. She asks Shankar to prevent the automobile. She runs to Rohit. She shouts Rohit…. Rohit looks for his watch. Sonakshi unearths it fallen there. Rohit sees Sonakshi and says Raima…. He falls down. She asks Shankar to hold the watch. She takes Rohit in her lap. She takes Rohit in the vehicle. They go away. Veena says i will strive calling Rohit. Sonakshi asks Shankar to take them to the health facility. Shankar says its 15-20 kms away. Naren asks Veena now not to strive a lot. Veena says phone is ringing. Rohan says perhaps phone is on silent, i’ve pals in Pune, calm down. Veena cries and says Rohit didn’t concentrate to me when I asked him now not to go, how will he locate her presently. Yash asks whom did Rohit go to find. He asks Naren does he realize. Naren asks Veena to inform them, why did Rohit visit Pune. Veena goes.

Sonakshi asks Rohit can he listen her voice. She asks how did this happen. She says he has high fever, Shankar drive rapid. They reach a dispensary. She asks him to get stretcher and get in touch with ward boys. Shankar comes again and says there’s no doctor right here, health practitioner stated he’s going to come in 2-three hours. Sonakshi says i can communicate to them. Shankar says i will take you to Mumbai in much less time. Sonakshi asks Rohit to talk to her, how did he get hurt. He says Raima…. She asks for clinical container. Shankar says its no longer there. She receives her handbag. She asks for water bottle.

Shankar says we forgot it there. She sees Rohit’s cellphone. She says its locked. She drops the smartphone by the jerk. She asks Shankar to drive cautiously. Naren says Veena, inform me why did Rohit visit Pune, in case you don’t say, how do we are aware of it. Veena says he isn’t excellent, I received’t sit down back, i will visit him right away. Naren gets Sonakshi’s call. Veena asks Ajit and Rohan to return along with her. Rohan is of the same opinion. Naren says why is Sonakshi calling again and again. Veena says supply it to me. She answers. Sonakshi says its me Sonakshi, Rohit is with me, he isn’t well. Naren puts name on speaker. Sonakshi says he’s hurt, he’s subconscious, he has excessive fever. Rohan asks wherein are you. She says I m getting him to Mumbai. Sonakshi says the smartphone got off, put it on charger. Shankar says Pari took the charger. She asks for his telephone. She says I don’t do not forget Veena’s number. Veena cries. She says Rohit is harm. Naren says Rohit isn’t alone, Sonakshi is with him. He calls a person and says Rohit is missing, he is with Sonakshi, you’re MLA, help us please.

Veena says just discover what took place. Rohan calls Pari and says sorry to call so overdue, do you understand wherein is Sonakshi in Pune. She says she is on units for night time shoot. He says she is with Rohit, she simply called and told us. Pari says how do , let me test, i will tell you. He says please let me realize, we’re an awful lot concerned. Suman says why is Sonakshi lying to us, why is she with Rohit. Suman and Pulkit come there. Suman asks wherein is Sonakshi, why are you no longer answering my call. Netra says she has long past to film city to shoot. Suman says you’ve got sent her to Pune, why. Netra says you speak calmly, you had a surgical procedure currently, you can’t shout on me, Sonakshi has long past to Pune, I received’t let you know why, if youngsters lie to parents, its dad and mom’ fault, we paintings here, please go away from right here. Suman and Pulkit go away. Netra asks all of us to get lower back to paintings. Veena asks Yash will Sonakshi get Rohit to Sippy health facility. Yash says sure, i have sent an ambulance. Naren asks Veena to forestall this obsession, Sonakshi is getting Rohit, inform me why did Rohit move there. Akash asks her to tell them. Ajit says go away mother alone. Yash asks Ajit to apologize to Akash.

Akash and Rohan argue. Vimmi says Rohit reached the clinic. Veena says don’t inform whatever to Sukhmani and Nishi. Yash asks Pooja to stay with Nishi. Rohit is treated. Tulsi says Rohit had drunk poisonous wine, doctors are expelling it, take a seat in Sir’s cabin. Sonakshi asks what, tell me whilst he receives aware. Naren exams Rohit’s reviews. He says i can see Rohit, you pass and speak to Sonakshi. Sonakshi places cellphone on charging. She sees Rohit’s watch. Veena comes there and hugs Sonakshi. She thanks Sonakshi. Sonakshi says Rohit become in horrific country, fortuitously Shankar stopped the auto in time and didn’t hit Rohit by using the automobile, Rohit became a good deal hurt. Veena says I must have not allow them to go there. Sonakshi says Rohit has long past to fulfill Raima, right. Veena looks at her. Sonakshi gives Rohit’s watch. She says Rohit became simply taking Raima’s call. Veena says he by no means referred to Raima in front of anyone. Sonakshi says when you consider that I met Rohit, I feel like he has a beyond, he hides it from all people, he smiles in the front of each person, what came about.

Veena says Rohit is my son but I shouldn’t touch upon his non-public lifestyles, i will simply say that Raima was Rohit’s first existence, they studied collectively and met even after university, he joined clinical university and he or she have become an air hostess, he became mad after her, simply I knew this, Rohit doesn’t percentage feelings with anyone, I met Raima, she is lovely, she is in coma, all of us recognize that Raima can’t come returned, Rohit isn’t prepared to simply accept this due to the fact she is on this state due to him, he did her operation, it changed into his first and closing unsuccessful surgery, its been four years, it the night on twenty sixth Sept, Raima’s mum held Rohit responsible for this and slapped him, she took Raima from Rohit’s life forever. Sonakshi asks how can this take place. Veena asks what do you realize. Sonakshi says four years ago, that night on twenty sixth Sept got a huge storm in my life additionally. Veena asks what typhoon.

Precap: Rohit says Raima, don’t leave me. Sonakshi says this isn’t love, you’re egocentric, i’m able to pray you never get Raima. He shouts shut up.


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