Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 19th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sonakshi considers Rohit and leaves her hair free. She says Rohit told that my hair look great like this, that impolite specialist thinks pretty much this, amazing, yet I felt awful observing him, I simply supplicate that his work completes, I will call him and inquire. The woman comes and says this is your dress for execution. Sonakshi says I have recently desired appearance. Woman says I don’t know much, Mhatre requested that I give this dress to you. Sonakshi says this dress, take this to him, request that he come and meet me, else I m leaving.

Rohit inquires as to for what reason did you stop Ravi. Ravi says its absolutely impossible, I will take a quick trip and see the other passage, its drizzling. Rohit says leave the vehicle, I will take a quick trip and see. Sonakshi says I won’t wear this dress. Mhatre says its lone wolves party, such garments are worn, move in the gathering. Sonakshi says pause, I have come here for an appearance. He requests that the women go out. He requests that her demonstration like Devi on television. They contend. He asks do you appreciate moving in downpour wearing sarees and romancing the legend on screen, don’t rationalize, I will give you 10 mins, destroy these garments and come. She blows up. Rohit goes to the house and rings the ringer. He reviews Raima. Sonakshi says Mhatre has seen me in Parvati’s character, he supposes I will be frightened, no chance, I will never hear him out. The entryway opens. The young lady Sana says Rohit. He says you would think about Raima.

Hitesh asks who is it. Rohit asks did you both get hitched. Hitesh asks how could you come here, who gave you the location, simply leave, don’t take Raima’s name. Rohit says just once. Hitesh says you did terrible with her. Sana says I asked you not to answer her telephone. Rohit asks is she here, let me converse with her once. Hitesh pushes him. Rohit says we were companions, fine you despise me, you realize I adore Raima, I need to see her and converse with her once. He asks how is my Raima. Sana says she is as yet equivalent to she was. Rohit asks same? Sana says we won’t disclose to you where is she, you won’t most likely observe her once more, you have harmed we all, keep some conventionality, we were great companions, before I state something terrible, simply leave from here. Rohit yells Raima. Hitesh drives him outside and requests that he not return once more. Rohit gets injured by falling on the stone. He proceeds to thump the entryway once more. Hitesh and Sana wake up Raima’s mum. Sana says we need to move Raima from here. Hitesh says Rohit has come. Raima’s mum sees her. Hitest says he became more acquainted with Raima is here. Raima’s mum says I will take my Raima with me, Rohit has done this with her.

Mhatre thumps the entryway and asks Sonakshi not to outrage her. She says be cautious, anybody can see. He sees his significant other and girl. His little girl says thanks to him for the shock and embraces. His better half says truly, Kannu was glad when Sonakshi called us, shock is ideal. Sonakshi says Mhatre isn’t apprehensive about anybody, he came to me and needed me to give an appearance here, I thought to astonish Kannu. She requests that they take selfie. Kannu asks Mhatre to come in selfie also. They take selfie. Kannu says I host to come in Kaka’s single men get-together. Sonakshi says let him appreciate it with his companions, at that point his better half will come. Sonakshi says I will meet everybody in the gathering and go for shoot. Kannu asks won’t you meet us once more.

Sonakshi says I will return to change garments and meet you. Rohit sits outside the entryway and cries. He leaves and strolls out and about. He beverages wine. Sonakshi asks Mhatre to come quick, she doesn’t have much time. He asks her not to act savvy. She says its enough, I m not frightened of your undermining, its better we part of the arrangement, I go, you will be offended. He says you will lament a great deal. She says you have seen Parvati crying a ton, Parvati consistently wins, she isn’t frightened of anything, even Sonakshi isn’t terrified. Nikhil comes. Sonakshi requests that he come and snap pics with her. Nikhil asks what occurred. Mhatre says I will tell later, come. Rohit gets alcoholic and cries. Sonakshi sees the men moving in the gathering.

Precap: Sonakshi leaves from Mhatre’s place. Sonakshi asks who was he. Shankar says some lush. Sonakshi requests that he drive cautiously.


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