Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 19th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Sonakshi grabbing the dress from the seat supposing it is Pari’s dress. She checks for the issue which Pari was talking. Pooja comes and searches for her dress. She sees Sonakshi holding her dress. Pooja asks Sona what she is doing with her dress. Sonakshi apologizes and says she considered it’s Pari. Pooja advises her without authorization she can’t contact any competitor’s dress and leaves.

Sonakshi checks Pari’s dress and says the catch of the dress is free. Suman shares her energy with Pulkit. Pulkit quiets her down and request that her beverage some water.

Karan comes and takes favors from Suman. Suman gets stunned seeing her. Pulkit blows up and goes to hit him yet Suman stops him. Karan with his words incited and Pulkit winds up tossing water all over. Pulkit asks Karan to leave else he will beat him as well. He additionally gives him 20rs and asks Karan to take auto. Karan goes from that point with the cash. Suman stresses.

YK gets a call from somebody and he gets strained. Rohit asks what occurred. YK reveals to him that his mom reference section got burst and she is conceded in the clinic. Rohit ask YK to proceed to be with his mom and they all are here for Pooja.

Fashioner comes to check Summit. Summit requests that her fix his dress. He further controls an originator so Pari has a closet glitch. The young lady prepares to pursue his request.

Nishi searches for YK. Ajit says he will come. Venna asks Rohit to call Naren. Nishi sees Suman and chooses to show her a thing or two. She purposefully chances upon Suman and begins provoking her. Pulkit comes and takes Suman from that point.

Suman sees Dipa has involved her seat. She asks Dipa to empty the spot. Dipa discloses to her that she is approached to choose this seat. Suman began yelling. Nishi says that Dipa won’t go anyplace. Sunita advises Sonakshi that her mom is battling with somebody. Sona goes to check.

Sonakshi gets some information about the issue. She asks Amrita to deal with the issue. Amrita asks Dipa to move to the next seat. Rohit comes and says Dipa is her auntie and she won’t change her seat. Sonakshi and Rohit get into a warmed contention. Preeti comes and calls for Parvati. Sonakshi proceeds to converse with preeti. Rohit too get some information about her wellbeing. Afterward, Preeti gives her seat and asks them not to battle about seat. Rohit says that for one seat Rastogi’s doing as such much show. In the event that Pooja will win the crown, than they all need to put Rastogi’s on ventilator. Sona hears him and says Pari will win today.

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Precap: Rohit and Sonakshi move together. Afterward, Pari denounces Sonakshi and Rohit too faults Sona before all. Sonakshi hollers back at Rohit.


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