Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 1st August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Pari says I will lose my crown, Sonakshi caught us by this thought. Suman says we can’t give them 15 crores. Sonakshi asks did we do anything incorrectly, we will go to court and see what occurs, we have time, we went there to clear the issue, nothing will happen to your profession, trust me. Pulkit asks Suman to rest. Legal advisor leaves. Sonakshi says thanks to Netra for being with her. Netra says go to court and see, don’t stress for shooting, call me on the off chance that you need assistance. Sonakshi expresses gratitude toward her. Suman stresses. Pulkit asks Sonakshi to rest. She says I m feeling frightened, we are correct however we don’t have any verification. He says you have truth, you generally state that one needs to face leaps however it prompts the objective. Suman feels unwell. Sonakshi says same thing occurred with father, he was correct, a bogus case was put on him, he couldn’t bear the nervousness and he quietly left us. He says you have confidence in yourself, we have confidence in you. Suman attempts to go to get water. He says just we will go to court. Sonakshi says no, they must be with us. The glass tumbles down. Sonakshi hears the sound and surges. Suman tumbles down. Sonakshi and Pulkit get stunned and yell to Pari.

Rohit asks are you not languid. Veena says I realize you have been difficult since you were a tyke, you are reasonable as well. He says I would prefer not to discuss Sonakshi. She says if Sonakshi was a liar, she would have not demonstrated fearlessness to come here, hear me out, you ought to have tuned in to her. He says you are excessively blameless. She says perhaps she was going to educate us concerning the guilty party, each story has different sides, you converse with her once, pull back the case. He says the medical procedure went for extended periods of time, I m tired, would i be able to rest, goodbye. She goes.

Pari cries. Sonakshi sees Suman inside the ICU. She says I m frightened, I trust she recuperates. The woman says she is Parvati. Medical attendant says truly, her mum endured a heart assault. Sonakshi asks specialist what occurred. Specialist says her pulses are unpredictable, we are attempting our best, we need to do angiography, I need to counsel a senior specialist. Sonakshi requests that he enlist any heart specialist. He says don’t stress, the best heart specialist is my companion, I will call him. Rohit is resting. Specialist rings him. Rohit’s telephone is turned off. Specialist approaches the landline. Ruddy says sorry, Rohit is resting. Ajit accepts the call and says its me Ajit, for what reason didn’t you approach Rohit’s telephone. Specialist Vishal says I called him, his telephone is off, we need Rohit’s assistance for my customary patient Suman Rastogi. Ajit says sorry, Rohit won’t come. Sonakshi asks what. Vishal says Rohit won’t come. Sonakshi says you call some other specialist soon, it would be ideal if you Vishal goes.

The woman asks is your mum inside, you are Parvati right. Sonakshi says yes. The woman says there is no reason to worry, don’t stress, I need to take one selfie with you, if it’s not too much trouble grin a bit. Sonakshi says a selfie now, my mum is basic. The woman says don’t stress, my significant other is conceded here, the emergency clinic is great. Sonakshi says not presently please. The woman says I just requested a selfie, you are so egotistical. She goes. Sonakshi says what’s this, is it presumption, is it whenever to request selfie, my mother is in the emergency clinic, am I only Parvati for them, I m Sonakshi, somebody’s little girl, they overlook it so effectively that Parvati is only a character, there is a typical young lady behind it, who can get irritated and need support. Pulkit calls Sonakshi in. Sonakshi and Pari go to Suman. Suman says guarantee me, Pari’s carer will be fine, the situation… .. Sonakshi asks her not to think much, recover soon. Pari requests that her take rest.

Precap: Sonakshi says this man won’t contact my man. She stops Rohit. Vishal requests that her sign the assent structure. Pari asks Sonakshi not to sign the papers.


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