Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 22nd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Sonakshi seeing Sukhmani. She says I m sorry, however she is my mum. Sukhmani says its first-rate, she is your mum. Veena says a mum is unique for any infant, I felt top when I noticed you combating to your mum. Sonakshi says thanks, i will get equipped for my overall performance. Sukhmani says this woman is very good at coronary heart. Veena smiles. The host starts the show. He calls Rohit on stage and praises him. He calls the judges. He welcomes Mrs. Kavya. Rohit gives her a bouquet. fashion designer Umesh comes on stage and hugs Rohit. Rohit offers him a bouquet. The host calls the king of romance, Sumit. Sumit comes and sees Rohit. Rohit says welcome. Sumit says thanks you had been laughing at me, you’re welcoming me with plants today, i have emerge as your fan, thank you medical doctor. Rohit says your life is no less than a joke. The host thanks Rohit and the judges.

Rohit goes to Preeti. The host calls the pinnacle five finalists on level. The ladies come on degree. Sonakshi gets happy seeing Pari. Pari sees Pooja. Sonakshi says Pooja is virtually accurate and confident. Shankar says yes, however Pari will win. Dolly slips on the stair. Pooja holds her hand. Rohit and all and sundry cheer for Pooja. Pulkit says Pari might be the winner. Karan takes Dolly apart and asks how can you be so careless, you may’t walk nicely, its imp to win the overall performance. She asks him to shut up. He says carry out properly else…. He raises hand. Sonakshi stops him and asks him to mind his hand and tongue. Dolly says its our count number, you don’t need to get into this. Sonakshi says I don’t have any interest in speaking between you, try this privately, its now not your fault, Karan is known for corrupting man or woman’s mind and coronary heart. She goes.

Sonakshi hugs Pari. Her bangles collapse. Sonakshi says I m so glad, you appeared very lovable, Sumit will query you, you realize the whole lot, provide him a confident smile, you supply him an high-quality solution. Pari makes her away and says its a style show, now not a television display. She asks the lady to repair her hair. Sonakshi feels terrible. Pooja seems on. Sonakshi is going for her performance. Dolly asks Sonakshi to learn maintaining her existence personal. Sonakshi asks is Arjun right here. Rishi says he’s resting in green room, he had fever, nothing will move incorrect. Sonakshi says send him on level on time. Karan comes to name Arjun. Arjun is rehearsing. He says await 5mins. Karan says take your time. He locks Arjun. The host says our very very own Parvati, a large round of applause for Sonakshi.

Nishi says where is YK, i will pass and spot. Suman says now we can enjoy the real overall performance, boring people are leaving. Nishi says no person is going anywhere, shall we see if Sonakshi deserves the praise. Sukhmani asks Nishi to be quiet. Suman says you must have thought her whilst she became a infant. Sonakshi asks in which is Arjun, did he rehearse. Rishi says yes, he’ll come on level. the person asks are the fireworks equipped. Karan says it’ll go wrong this time. He bribes the person and says while Sonakshi is going on stage, you need to growth the firework. the man says its a small paintings, i’m able to move it, inform Sonakshi that she may additionally get burns if the sparks fall on her. Sonakshi dances on Leja leja tune…. Rohit symptoms Sonakshi.

Sonakshi dances below the fire sparks. The woman asks Amrita to stop it. Amrita asks why, i’ve paid 12 lakhs to her mum, this performance won’t stop. Preeti says sparks are falling over Parvati. Rohit gets greatly surprised. Preeti says pass and help her. Rohit asks Nishi to give the frame cream. Nishi asks why, peculiar, its high priced. Rishi says its Arjun’s access right here. the man says Arjun is nowhere. Rohit thinks how to practice the cream. The girl says Arjun go, its your access. She pushes Rohit on degree. Sonakshi asks wherein is Arjun, what is Rohit doing right here. Rohit pulls Sonakshi towards himsef and applies the cream on her again. She senses this and smiles, seeing him. Kahaan hum…..plays…. they have an eyelock. Naren asks what’s going on. Veena says I don’t understand that, but they appearance very lovely together. all people claps for them. Rohit says you are welcome and is going. Sonakshi says i used to be about to thank him. She smiles. Rohit is going and receives seated. Preeti smiles. Veena signs and symptoms what. He says i will tell you later.

The lady asks Sonakshi is she nice. Sonakshi says yes, i can exchange and come. Karan comes to her. He says you new BF may be very caring and constant, he couldn’t see you in pain, the instant you acquire harm, he got here to apply ointment to you on level. She says sure, he loves me plenty, he may be very rich, he lacks nothing in existence, he has earned all this along with his own functionality, now not through the usage of any woman as ladder to fulfillment, how do all this stuff depend to you, sufficient is enough, don’t mistake my silence for my weak point, I m Sonakshi Rastogi, in case you come anywhere near me, i will hand you over to the police, what are you watching for, get out.

Precap: Pooja says Sonakshi is behind this. Rohit says its imp to expose their cheapness. Sonakshi says enough now Rohit.


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