Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 22nd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Karan says ex mummy ji, you didn’t change like Sonakshi, affront on face, have cold water, cool your psyche. Suman admonishes him. He says you cherished me so much, I was your fav, similar to your child. Pulkit tosses water all over. Karan grins and says you have grown up and got boldness. Pulkit says you will peruse the features, that I have whipped a struggler, it will be your great. Karan chuckles and goes. Pulkit gives him 20rs for auto passage. Yash says Nishi and everybody Yash says mother is unwell, she is conceded in medical clinic. Rohit says please go, we are here for Pooja. Yash says Nishi will insult me all life. Sukhmani requests that he go, he must be a best child too. Yash expresses gratitude toward her and goes. Akash goes. Sukhmani says we are discussing marriage before Rohit. Deepa comes and asks whose marriage talk is going on. They go.

Rohit sees Pari’s blurb. Sukhmani says she is Sonakshi’s sister, she is great. Sumit requests that the woman fix her ensemble. He says creator have planned my ensemble so well. She says I m happy. He says you are prepared to style your very own show. She says it will require some investment. He says if a powerful man suggests you, you can get an opportunity, I heard Pari requesting that you fix her outfit. She says I will fix it. He says you fix it that it gets off on the incline. She gets stunned and asks what. She says no, I can’t do this. He says tune in, pause, its not your misstep, its mix-up of your white collar class mindset, I needed to take you on the top, I will complete my work by any partner, you do what you need. She says my vocation will be destroyed. She cries. He says quit crying, do my little work, I will do enormous things for you truly, everybody supposes I m a major television on-screen character, I m alone, my better half is getting a charge out of in London, I m as yet discovering my ruler. The young lady concurs. He says decent.

Amrita respects the visitors and requests that they offer mobiles to the group individuals. Nishi asks where is YK. Ajit says he will come, chill. Veena asks Rohit to proceed to call Naren, the show is going to start. Suman says I m very offended today. Nishi sees her and says that crude lady discovered me once more. Tanya says her girl is likewise a challenger. Nishi says I will show her a thing or two. Nishi welcomes Suman and insults her. Suman says I m the uncommon visitor, Sonakshi will perform move and Praniti is the finalist. Nishi says goodness truly, Pooja let me know, you ought to have her to me, see her nose, its uneven, take a gander at Pooja, she is immaculate, its fine, every one of the children are exceptional, all the best. Pulkit comes and stops Suman. Suman says this is my seat.

Deepa says I m requested to stay here. Suman says get up, we have this seat number. Nishi asks Deepa to stay there. Suman yells. Amrita asks what occurred, sit with your child. Suman inquires as to why, I need to stay here, I will return home, you can’t affront me. Sonakshi says now Pari won’t have any issue. Sunita comes and says come quick, your mum is battling with somebody. Sonakshi goes. The young lady comes and closes the entryway. She takes Pari’s dress and cuts it. Amrita says I won’t have any decision on the off chance that you don’t coordinate. Suman says they mean they won’t give it a second thought in the event that we aren’t here.

Sonakshi asks what, Amrita you can’t treat my mum like this. Amrita says I will clarify. Sonakshi says I know Sippys are enormous individuals however you can’t affront different visitors. Amrita asks Deepa will she alter. Deepa says fine. Rohit asks Deepa to sit with the family. He says Deepa is my auntie, I think Rastogis don’t have a propensity to change. Sonakshi says my mum will sit on the seat alloted to her. He says there won’t be a tempest in the event that she sits elsewhere. Amrita says you both don’t battle now. They contend. Deepa says hear me out Rohit, if this seat is so devil, its alright. Rohit says stay there. Preeti comes and gets out Sonakshi. Sonakshi embraces her. She asks are you fine.

Rohit asks how are you feeling. Preeti says I m fine, I won in the running race, I got fine due to Rohit uncle. Rohit says you are bold. Preeti says Parvati made me fears away, my auntie is a piece of occasion, I have accompanied my father. Her folks welcome them. Preeti gets some information about her exhibition and wants her to enjoy all that life has to offer. She says I will watch the exhibition and applaud, don’t get apprehensive. Rohit says she is a decent on-screen character. Preeti asks where will you sit, I need to sit with you. Nishi says there is an issue about seats. Preeti asks is there any issue. Sonakshi says no. Suman says Rohit doesn’t need me to stay here. Preeti says Rohit’s auntie can sit on my father’s seat. Rohit says you are so changing. Rohit jokes on Sonakshi. She says Pooja is exquisite, however Pari will win, we will see who needs the ventilator.

Precap: Rohit performs with Sonakshi. Pooja says Sonakshi did this. Rohit chastens Sonakshi.


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