Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 23rd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sonakshi gets glad seeing Pari. Pari sees Pooja. Sonakshi says Pooja is great and certain. Shankar says indeed, however Pari will win. Dolly slips on the stair. Pooja holds her hand. Rohit and everybody cheer for Pooja. Pulkit says Pari will be the victor. Karan approaches Dolly and asks how might you be so indiscreet, you can’t walk well, its devil to win the presentation. She requests that he shut up. He says perform well else… . He lifts hand. Sonakshi stops him and requests that he mind his hand and tongue. Dolly says its our issue, you don’t have to get into this. Sonakshi says I have no enthusiasm for talking between you, do this secretly, its not your flaw, Karan is known for defiling individual’s psyche and heart. She goes.

Sonakshi embraces Pari. Her bangles tumble down. Sonakshi says I m so glad, you looked all around dazzling, Sumit will address you, you definitely know everything, give him a certain grin, you give him an astounding answer. Pari makes her away and says its a design appear, not a network program. She requests that the woman fix her hair. Sonakshi feels awful. Pooja looks on. Sonakshi goes for her exhibition. Dolly asks Sonakshi to get the hang of keeping her life individual. Sonakshi asks is Arjun here. Rishi says he is resting in green room, he had fever, nothing will turn out badly. Sonakshi says send him in front of an audience on schedule. Karan comes to call Arjun. Arjun is practicing. He says hang tight for 5mins. Karan says take as much time as is needed. He bolts Arjun. The host says our own one of a kind Parvati, an enormous round of commendation for Sonakshi.

Nishi says where is YK, I will take a quick trip and see. Suman says now we will appreciate the genuine exhibition, exhausting individuals are leaving. Nishi says nobody is going anyplace, lets check whether Sonakshi merits the acclaim. Sukhmani asks Nishi to be peaceful. Suman says you ought to have thought her when she was a kid. Sonakshi asks where is Arjun, did he practice. Rishi says indeed, he will come in front of an audience. The man asks are the firecrackers prepared. Karan says it will turn out badly this time. He fixes the man and says when Sonakshi goes in front of an audience, you need to expand the firecracker. The man says its a little work, I will go it, reveal to Sonakshi that she may get consumes if the sparkles fall on her. Sonakshi moves on leja tune… . Rohit signs Sonakshi.

Sonakshi moves under the flame sparkles. The woman asks Amrita to stop it. Amrita inquires as to why, I have paid 12 lakhs to her mum, this presentation won’t stop. Preeti says flashes are falling over Parvati. Rohit gets stunned. Preeti says proceed to support her. Rohit asks Nishi to give the body cream. Nishi inquires as to why, odd, its costly. Rishi says its Arjun’s entrance here. The man says Arjun is no place. Rohit thinks how to apply the cream. The woman says Arjun go, its your entrance. She pushes Rohit in front of an audience. Sonakshi asks where is Arjun, what is Rohit doing here. Rohit pulls Sonakshi towards himsef and applies the cream on her back. She detects this and grins, seeing him. Kahaan murmur… ..plays… . They have an eyelock. Naren asks what’s happening. Veena says I don’t have the foggiest idea about that, yet they look adorable together. Everybody applauds them. Rohit says you are welcome and goes. Sonakshi says I was going to express gratitude toward him. She grins. Rohit proceeds to get situated. Preeti grins. Veena signs what. He says I will reveal to you later.

The woman asks Sonakshi is she fine. Sonakshi says truly, I will change and come. Karan goes to her. He says you new BF is exceptionally minding and steadfast, he couldn’t see you in agony, the minute you got injured, he came to apply balm to you in front of an audience. She says indeed, he adores me a ton, he is rich, he needs nothing throughout everyday life, he has earned this with his very own ability, not by utilizing any young lady as stepping stool to progress, how do every one of these things matter to you, that’s the last straw, don’t confuse my quietness with my shortcoming, I m Sonakshi Rastogi, in the event that you come anyplace close me, I will hand you over to the police, what are you sitting tight for, get out.

Precap: Pooja says Sonakshi is behind this. Rohit says its demon to uncover their inexpensiveness. Sonakshi says enough now Rohit.


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