Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 25th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Sonakshi meeting Raima. She says sorry, I don’t think I met her before, I don’t remember her pretty face. Tanushree says you didn’t see her pretty smile. Sonakshi asks Raima to tell her when they met. She asks will you become my friend. Doctor thanks her for coming. Sonakshi says I can come regularly, maybe she gets help, I shall leave now. Raima holds her hand. She tries to tell something. Doctor says she is trying to make words, Sonakshi can you sit for more time. Sonakshi says yes. Doctor asks Tanushree to come with her. Rohit comes there and asks for Sonakshi. He doesn’t see Tanushree. Nurse says I will get saline. Sonakshi says I m here. She asks Raima to hold the pen. Nurse says a doctor has come to meet you. Sonakshi says Rohit, why did he come here.

Raima drops the pen. Sonakshi asks nurse to stay with Raima. She goes.
Rohan scolds Tanya for interfering in his work. He says I never interfered in your work, Pooja is my sister, I love her, but Pari will be face of Sippy enterprises. He goes. Nishi’s mum comes to Tanya and asks is all okay. Tanya says yes. Nishi’s mum says husbands don’t like wife’s interference, Pooja isn’t his own sister, sorry, you would have felt bad. She goes smiling.

Sonakshi asks are you following me. He says I have to talk something personal, it will be weird in the hospital. She says I m here to help someone, tell me, else I will go. He asks her to wait. She says when he smiles, my world stops, his smile is so cute. She takes selfies with fans. Rohit clicks their pics. Sonakshi says time is up, you wasted time. He follows her. He says I m a doctor, I will come, I won’t agree this time. Nurse says patient has to change clothes, you can stay behind the curtain, talk slowly. Raima hears Rohit’s words. He asks what’s the patient’s problem. Sonakshi asks him to tell the matter. Raima sees Rohit and gets shocked.

Rohit asks Sonakshi to let him speak. He says I know you love me, I wanted to say that maybe I like you, I have a past, its not easy for me, its difficult, my liking has turned into love now, are you understanding, I know you love me a lot, I want to say that…. Raima reacts. He says Raima is just my beautiful past, you are my present, I smile when I m with you. Sonakshi cries happily. Raima tries to write something. He says I need my Sona. Nurse says we have to tell the doctor. Rohit says you are the best thing that happened to me. Sonakshi asks are you sure. Rohit says I m 100% sure, I love you. He wipes her tears and says I love you. He keeps on repeating. Sonakshi says stop it, shut up, go out. He says no. She says just go, I will come. He goes saying I love her. Sonakshi smiles. She comes to Raima and asks what happened. Doctor asks her to go out. Sonakshi goes out. Rohit holds her hand and hugs her.

She pushes him and says anyone will see. He says you are a celebrity, but you are my GF now. She says I didn’t say yes now. He says no need, your eyes say it all. She asks can’t you see vitamins deficiency now. He says yes. She says you are mad, I wanted to hear this, but mum…. He says my mom loves me, your mom doesn’t like me. She says she said you are okay. He asks about marriage. She says no, once mum gets normal, I will tell her about us. He says good, come. She leaves. Doctor says its a positive improvement, don’t worry. Nurse says she wrote something today. Doctor says we should call Sonakshi again. Raima writes 26 september. Tanushree says its the same night when Raima’s accident happened, no one knows what happened, just she knows this secret. Doctor says maybe Sonakshi knows something about it.


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