Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 26th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Rohit and Sonakshi thinking of each other and smiling. Kuch to hua hai….plays…. Sonakshi comes for shoot. Rohit comes to the hospital. Netra comes to Sonakshi and hugs her. She says I m so happy for you Sonakshi. Doctor checks Raima. Doctor says ECG is improving, your daughter is out of coma, you should be happy. Tanushree says I don’t know about 26 sept, what happened on that day. Doctor says maybe Sonakshi knows about it, if she helps us, it may help us. Tanushree calls Sonakshi and says Mamai is fine, thanks a lot.

Sonakshi says I m happy to help you some how, I wanted to suggest you, I have a great friend, surgeon, his hospital is big, I think we should shift Mamai there, Sukhmani Sippy hospital. Tanushree gets shocked. Sonakshi says my friend Rohit Sippy is the best heart surgeon, Mamai can recover soon, shall I talk to Rohit. Tanushree says no, I don’t want to shift. She ends call. She tells doctor that Sonakshi won’t meet Raima now. She goes and recalls the time when she slapped Rohit. She says Raima can never meet Rohit. Yash asks his mum to understand that Pooja is Nishi and his daughter. He asks her to leave if she can’t understand this.

She asks did Sippy family teach this to you. He says I won’t hear anything wrong about Pooja. Pooja comes and asks all okay. He says yes. She says guess what we are planning. Veena says I didn’t celebrate my birthday since 4 years. Ajit says that time it was a big tragedy with Rohit, now he is happy, he moved on, we should move on. Rohit comes and says yes, he is right, I m not sad, we will celebrate your birthday, I m sorry, I was in my own sorrow, we will have a grand celebration for you. Veena says we want to have dinner with Rastogis, I just hope Suman comes. Rohit says I m going to meet Sonakshi, I will invite Suman. Sonakshi is leaving. She sees Rohit there. He loosens her hair and asks am I banned here? She says you may come here, okay. He asks Shankar to go home, he will drop madam.

Rohit and Sonakshi sit on the bench and have tea. He says I got to know from Sunita that you like tea. She asks do you talk to her also. He says Ravi talks to her, you said let their romance increase. She asks what did you want to talk. He says its 26th Sept tomorrow, its mom’s birthday. She asks is it. He says yes, I have planned a formal dinner at home, mom hasn’t celebrated her birthday because of me since four years, we don’t realize how much we punish our loved ones, I was going to introduce Raima to family that day.

FB shows Rohit calling Raima. She says I have some urgent work. He says its mom’s birthday, just come. She says I will be there in two hours, sorry, my friend is in trouble. He says I just don’t care, you come or you don’t. FB ends. He says I fought with her, Raima didn’t come that day, I got a call from Municipal hospital about an accident, I don’t know what was she doing there, why, no idea, she was badly injured, there were glass pieces in her…. case became critical, I decided to perform the surgery. FB shows Rohit saying we have to operate her, I m performing this surgery at my own risk. FB ends.

Rohit says I performed the surgery at my own risk, to stop bleeding from the heart, blood clots do get formed, right, a blood clot reached her brain, I had to declare her brain dead, Raima slipped into a coma, that’s it. Sonakshi says its strange, both of our lives are so connected, even I went through… He says I don’t want to talk about past, its too depressing, I want to talk towards our bright future, happy talks. She says sorry. He holds her close. She says its your mom’s birthday, what special thing you want to do. He says mom wants you to come for dinner with your entire family. She asks my mom has to come? He says yes.

Sonakshi looks at Suman. Suman asks where is Pari. Maid says she has gone out with her friends. Sonakshi says I will talk to her, I sent Shankar with her, she will be safe. She says mom’s mood is bad today, how shall I talk about Rohit. Pulkit says Rohit called and insisted me to do internship with him. Sonakshi says then do it, if he is insisting, he is a good doctor and good person. He thanks and hugs her. He goes. Sonakshi says he likes Rohit. Suman looks on. She asks Sonakshi not to take any hasty decision, no need to think about marriage. Sonakshi asks why are you telling this. Suman says you want to talk about Rohit, right, I know, I m your mum, Rohit is a good man, you love him, he is decent looking, he is a doctor, he is well settled, but you need to clear with him that you will continue working after marriage. Sonakshi hugs her and says I love you mumma, you have no problem. Suman says no, how can I have a problem with him, when he made you smile, ask him to meet me, I still don’t like Nishi. Sonakshi says its okay, she is in London right now. She goes.

Suman says exactly four years ago, that night came in Sonakshi’s life that snatched her everything, even I was wrong, its 26th sept again, I wish she gets happiness, I know Rohit will keep her very happy. Rohit and Ajit fight. Rohit gets Sonakshi’s call. He says Ajit was pranking with me, did you speak to mom. She says yes, I spoke to her, but I have a bad news. He asks what. She says mum is very angry, she wants to meet you tomorrow. He asks why. She says don’t know, she wants to meet you. He says its fine, I m mummy’s fav, I will impress her. She says its tough to impress her. He says you help me.

She says fall into her feet, she likes men who respects elders, don’t sit before she sits, you sit after she sits, you stand up if she stands up, she is little religious, say Jai Mata Di every 20 seconds, if she says she will go to kitchen, don’t allow her, her mood gets ruined, things will get worse, if you are not able to answer her, then tell her a story. He asks story? She says she gets distracted. He says your mom doesn’t look so complicated, will she agree. She says yes, why will I give you wrong info. He asks what shall I wear. He says bright clothes, don’t wear dull clothes. He says okay, it will be done, please pray for me please. She says fine. She ends call and laughs. She says he is so innocent, let me sleep fast, this 26th Sept is going to be good. Tanushree sees Raima gone. She shouts to nurse. She sees Raima at the window. She happily cries and hugs Raima.


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