Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 2nd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Ajit hitting the punching bag. Rohit comes. teacher goes. Rohit says entire the work out with me, i’m able to see what you learnt, come on punch. Ajit asks him to depart. Rohit says we will see what you learnt, what befell, are you scared. Rohit beats Ajit. Ajit says I end. Rohit says my each patient is my obligation, I never refuse to everybody, my personal trouble is out of doors the hospital, understood. Ajit says sure, go, don’t trick me. Rohit takes his shorts and goes. instructor gives a pillow to Ajit.

Sonakshi and Pari come to the court docket. She asks Pari not to say anything, else she will slap. She says don’t you be strict to explain children, I m doing the same, i’ve achieved court docket scenes often, but I don’t have any braveness to head in here. She appears inside the court. She signs Pari to take a seat outdoor. She sees Rohit sitting by myself. Rohit offers her a few papers and says I don’t need Pooja to get any loss, that is right for her. Sonakshi exams the papers. She says you want to have a out of court docket agreement. He says yes, due to the fact my mother feels you are real, you must get a danger to show it, not anything is over, the case is withdrawn, no longer the blame, you stated the perpetrator is roaming loose, now not now, we will speak when we are with my lawyer at my workplace. She offers him the prices cheque and says its also equal. He says get Suman’s normal check up completed, i will meet inside the evening.

Sonakshi and Pari come to Suman on the sanatorium. Suman says Verna instructed me everything, I m glad, 15 crores problem is over, you’ll have satisfied Rohit. Pari says sure, my crown and career are safe. Verma says Suman changed into taking tension so I advised her. He goes. Sonakshi says we don’t have to pay them, however… Suman asks what but. Sonakshi says we must reach actual offender.

Sonakshi receives a name and says i’m able to attain Rohit’s office. Netra says you’ve got all the scenes nowadays. Sonakshi says this is imp, loosen up, I defined Pari. She says i’m able to do my paintings and depart early. Netra says great, i can face the near united statesof the next day shoots. Pooja hugs Rohit and every person. She says I m so satisfied, Rohit took the case lower back. Rohit says I m meeting Sonakshi to understand who is the wrongdoer. Netra says we can take Sonakshi’s close ups. Sonakshi receives busy in the shoot. Netra gets Sonakshi’s solo scenes and close americashot. Netra thanks Sonakshi and asks her to move. Sonakshi leaves. Rohit says i’m able to apprehend Sumit is jealous, however who is Karan, why will he do that. Sonakshi says Karan and that i have been engaged. Rohit says it means he has a cause to take revenge. Sonakshi says I doubt Sumit extra. Deepa says we have to discover who did this, we haven’t any proof. Rohit says we must entice them.

Sonakshi says like we do in hindi serial, we are able to call goons. Rohit asks what number of goons numbers do you have got, I live busy inside the medical institution. Sonakshi says we can name them at a disco and add fact serum of their drinks, we try this in serials, you’re a doctor, write it, chemist received’t give it. Rohit says you don’t get it in actual lifestyles, its narco analysis take a look at which police does, we are able to’t do it. Sonakshi says we can take their signs on blank paper and write their confession, when police sees this, we are able to lodge the Fir.

Rohit says deliver those thoughts in your writers. Sonakshi says however I got this from them, we try this in serials. Rohit asks Deepa to say some thing. Deepa says no, these ideas won’t work here, i have an idea, why don’t we name them and inform that we recognize what they did, we will name them on the area, one who did will come. Rohit says this idea will paintings. Sonakshi says i have seen this concept in an english movie. Deepa says yes, its from a movie. Rohit says its proper idea. Sonakshi says you don’t like hindi serial idea. Rohit says we will do what’s true, who will name them. Sonakshi asks how will we call. Deepa asks do you have got their landline. Rohit asks who makes use of landlines. Sonakshi asks why, Vishal referred to as you on landline, as you have been sound asleep. Deepa says we can use Tulsi’s range. Sonakshi says wait. She gets matters out of her purse and says I had stored it right here. Rohit says you have got the entire ration keep with you.

Sonakshi says I got the extra sim card, fanatics sends items. She jokes and says you need to use it. He says make a call through placing this in my telephone. She makes use of her hair pin and says have your sim, take this smartphone, its on. He asks who will talk. She says i can call. He says no, he’s going to understand, is there any educated blackmailer, they communicate rudely and in a horrific manner. Sonakshi sees Rohit and signs Deepa. He asks what. She says you may be best, none can do this properly. He says no, i will’t try this. they are saying of path you can do that. Sonakshi eats meals from her tiffin and says medical doctor blackmailer. Deepa says i can instal voice converting app for your phone.

Rohit says crook apps also, excellent however what will I say. Sonakshi says I m right here, don’t take anxiety, i can write the dialogues, say it normally, like you say rudely with none emotion. He asks do I speak rudely. She says just like that, the alternative individual could be scared, who likes talking to you. He says my mom. She says she is mum, go away her. He says you do that blackmailing. Deepa asks him to take a seat and phone.

Precap: Rohit says i hope the real culprit is stuck. Deepa says wow Rohit, you are studying Sonakshi’s mind. Rohit says such relations aren’t made again in life.


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