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Nishi goes to Yash and contends with him. He asks are we in school that you will gripe to your mother, what, don’t you recognize what I m saying. He says I can impart my sentiments to my mother. She says your mother harried my mother. She goes. He says why ladies make issues consistently. Rohan says father has given a check book, you need to sign a few checks. Sukhmani says keep it, I will sign. Ajit requests that house keeper get his morning meal. He sees Rohan. Akash asks Rohan to converse with Ajit. Rohan inquires as to why, I didn’t do anything incorrectly. Nishi asks Ajit how was the gathering. Ajit says gathering went for long. Nishi says Sonakshi was yelling at us, as though she was shooting here. Veena says she is a decent young lady, I asked Rohit to change his choice.

Rohan says unfortunately he changes his choice. Ajit says Rastogis are bold, they think Rohit will deal with Suman’s case, Vishal called and said Suman has a cardiovascular issue, he needed Rohit to come, I said for what reason would Rohit come there. They ask what. Rohit asks what, who called. Ajit says Suman is sick, Vishal needed you to go to him, I won’t and said you are dozing. Rohit says nitwit, he would have called me. Ajit says he is Sonakshi’s mum Suman. Rohit says patient will be quiet, its my obligation, I will slap you now. He surges. Veena says you fouled up.

Sonakshi awakens and asks specialist how is Suman. Specialist says Suman isn’t well, she isn’t breathing fine. Rohit comes and converses with specialists. Vishal expresses profound gratitude you have come. Rohit says sorry, my sibling had said that, did you look at. The specialist says truly, and tells subtleties. Sonakshi stops Rohit and says this man won’t contact my mother, I won’t permit him. Vishal says don’t do this, Rohit is the best heart specialist, your mother needs him. Sonakshi says he carried my mother to this condition, I don’t confide in him.

Rohit says Sonakshi, that is the contrast among your and my activity, you trigger feelings, sentiments aren’t pixie than patient’s life, this is our demon obligation, we swear for this, you don’t meddle in specialist’s work, it will be better, given me a chance to do my work. He goes in. Pari says Rohit has come to check mum. Pulkit says don’t stress, mother will be fine currently, have espresso. Sonakshi asks what’s this, is there anything genuine. Vishal says it is anything but a noteworthy medical procedure, there are three blockages in your mother’s heart, blood streams isn’t appropriate, when stents are joined, your mum will be fine, ensure that she doesn’t get mental worry, there is nothing to stress. Medical attendant gives her the structure. He says its assent structure, it states you are offering agree to Dr. Rohit for performing angiography. Sonakshi reviews Rohit’s words. Pari says you won’t sign. Pulkit asks Sonakshi to sign.

Sonakshi signs the papers. Specialist expresses profound gratitude, there is no reason to worry now. Pari says you have taken the choice shrewdly, right, on the off chance that anything happens to mother, I will never pardon you. Pulkit says you took the correct choice, mother would get fine. Rohit treats Suman. He reviews Sonakshi’s words. He goes out and says your mum is fine, we have appended three stents to clear blockages, don’t give pressure, bp ought not vary, she will be fine. Pulkit thanks and embraces him. Rohit says you will end up being a specialist, control your feelings, don’t stare at the television much. He asks Sonakshi not to say thanks to him, its his obligation. He says I mama great specialist and a superior sibling, I will consider you to be the court as Pooja’s sibling. He goes.

He gives the paper and says my charges, store the check before sun-down. He leaves. Pari says 3.40 lakhs for a task. Vishal says thanks to Rohit. Rohit says please, I was carrying out my responsibility, is Hema fine, let me know whether there is any confusion. Vishal says she is fine. Pulkit asks Pari not to battle with Sonakshi. Rohit comes. Sonakshi says we are correct, we won’t lose, Rohit will comprehend, Sippy family isn’t fouling up, we would have responded a similar way if this occurred with you, I m irate that Rohit didn’t want to hear me out, I disclosed to him that Pooja is stating truth, I was in her room and had her dress in my grasp, he didn’t comprehend, everything will be clear in the court, reality will be uncovered, truth consistently wins, it will win even this time, Pari don’t stress. Rohit goes. Sonakshi requests that Pari remain solid.

Veena says Nishi, I accept that you and YK sort out your issues, his mum doesn’t care for you, she will advise everything to Pooja. Nishi says that we received Pooja from a halfway house, let her state, everybody knows. Veena says truly, however Pooja doesn’t know this, in the event that she knows this, she won’t endure it, call YK to your room and tell everything. Nishi gestures. Sonakshi comes to Suman. Suman says I need to give 15 crores to Sippys. Pari says we need to battle the case, Rohit sent you the lawful notice and did your medical procedure. Pulkit requests that Pari turn out. Sonakshi says don’t focus on this, take rest. Netra comes to meet Suman. She says recover soon, Rohit has treated you, you are fine. Pari says mother, ask Sonakshi to go alone, I won’t go. Sonakshi gets some information about this. She says we ought to return home and prepare, you are accompanying me Pari.

Precap: Sonakshi and Rohit meet in the court. He says I don’t need Pooja to confront any misfortune. Sonakshi says we will welcome them to a disco, blend truth serum to their beverages.


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