Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 2nd October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Veena asks Rohit to talk to Sonakshi once. Rohit comes to Sonakshi’s house and takes her to the room. Suman asks him to open the door. Some time back, Rohit takes Raima to the room. Naren asks Suman to leave. Suman asks what, do you treat guests like this, your son came to our house to invite us, you have no manners to talk. Naren and Suman argue. She says everyone heard Raima, did anyone care to hear about Sonakshi, you can’t accuse her. Sonakshi asks Suamn to get quiet, Raima is more imp at this time. The hospital team comes to help Rohit. Sonakshi says Rohit needs me.

Doctor says lungs are weak, its not a good sign, we have to check medical history. Rohit asks Ajit to get the medical records. Doctor asks everyone to leave. Rohit says I will stay with her. Yash takes him out.

Sonakshi asks how is Raima, tell me. He asks her to leave. Suman asks Sonakshi to come. Sonakshi says I need to talk to Rohit once. Yash says we should also go downstairs, we should let them talk. Rohit says I don’t want to talk. Doctor says its not good, we should shift Raima to hospital. Rohit says no, she will be here. Tanushree comes and scolds Rohit and Sonakshi. She pushes Sonakshi and says Raima is in this state because of you both. Rohit holds Sonakshi. He shows Raima to her. Tanushree cries seeing Raima. Rohit takes her out.

Rohit says Raima is safe, you separated me from her, I will treat her, she is my patient, enough, I will decide. Tanushree says I will call her dad. Rohit says call her, you won’t interfere now. Yash takes her. Sonakshi says Rohit, listen to me, you don’t know anything. Rohit shouts just leave. Sonakshi goes downstairs. Veena turns away. Sonakshi says we shall leave. Suman says no, we won’t go until you tell them the truth. Sonakshi says not now, please. They leave. They come home. Sonakshi cries. Pulkit consoles her. Sonakshi says everyone should know my truth also. Suman asks Pari and Pulkit to go, she will handle Sonakshi. Sonakshi says Rohit doesn’t want to hear anything. Suman says its not your mistake. Sonakshi says its my mistake, I can’t do anything wrong, Raima is right, I left her to die there.

Suman slaps her and hugs. Sonakshi says who thought this will be connected like this, why this bad coincidence with me. Suman says its not your mistake, its Karan and my mistake. Sonakshi says Rohit doesn’t know this, he will listen to Raima, his first love, he left me, he didn’t think about me once. She cries. Suman hugs her and cries. Rohit sees Raima and cries. He asks Tulsi to give medicines to Raima. He says I won’t come to hospital unless its an emergency. Tulsi asks will you break friendship with Sonakshi. He sees Raima. Veena comes and gives his phone. Sonakshi calls again. Veena says talk to her once. Rohit leaves. Rohan asks Pari to come downstairs. Pari asks him to just leave, he is a liar. He says I will talk to you and go. She says don’t come here, Suman and Sonakshi are worried. She comes to meet Rohan. They argue.

He says you spoke badly with Pooja. She asks him to go to Tanya. She says I love you so much and you treat me like this. He kisses her. Rohit comes to meet Sonakshi. He takes her to her room. Suman asks him to open the door. Sonakshi asks him to listen to her truth. Rohit scolds her. He says I want to rectify my mistake, don’t meet me again, I was going to surprise you by making you wear this ring, I was mad, you don’t deserve this. He throws the ring at her face and leaves. She gets hurt and cries. Sonakshi imagines this and shouts Rohit, please stop. Suman asks what, Rohit didn’t come, everything will be fine. Suman asks Pulkit not to go to Rohit’s hospital. Sonakshi says no, don’t mix your personal life and work, you are talented, that’s why Rohit chose you, go. He leaves.

Precap: Veena asks will you support Sonakshi or go back to Raima. Raima hugs Rohit and says you have nothing to do with Sonakshi right. Rohit goes to meet Sonakshi.


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