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Sultan says we will work in twofold moves. Sonakshi says we will buckle down. Sumit says I generally remained by you, you scarcely show me in the show, you have contracted a star, make me work. Netra asks will I describe you the story. Rohit sees Yash and goes to converse with him. He asks is your mother fine. Yash says indeed, however I had a battle with Nishi. Rohit says everything would be fine. Yash says I told that in outrage. Rohit asks what. Yash says Pooja isn’t my little girl. Rohit gets stunned. He proceeds to close the entryway. He asks isn’t Pooja your little girl, how might you say that, how could you, why. Yash says for what reason don’t you ask Nishi, I sympathize with Pooja’s torment, my mother was not kidding, what’s going on did I do to visit my mother.

Rohit says no, saying this is your mixed up, when I took in this, I was stunned, I never told it to anybody, its not done, Pooja doesn’t know this. Yash says I m sorry, trust me, this episode have begun demolishing things. Rohit says Sonakshi and her family are in charge of this, I figured out how to show her a thing or two. Suman says how could he shoot with Pooja, for what reason should we be thoughtful, I will ask Sonakshi to converse with Tushar. Sonakshi doesn’t answer the call. Netra portrays the scene. Sunita gets Suman’s call for Sonakshi. Sonakshi says I m in pressing gathering, I can’t talk at the present time. Suman says I didn’t call to talk about the climate, accompany me Pari, we will meet Amrita, she made the agreement, she will satisfy it. House keeper says somebody gave this envelope. Suman says I will peruse it later. Pari picks it and says it has the court’s stamp, read it once. Suman checks and gets stunned.

Sonakshi gets back home and inquires as to for what reason is it so dull. She sees Suman and Pari. Suman gives her the notice. Sonakshi gets stunned. She says 15 crores… have they documented a maligning case on us, in what manner can Rohit do this. Pari says we need to go to court. Rohit asks Rohan is Yash at home, is everything fine. Patient’s girl gazes at him. Tolerant Mr. Desai says I m fine now, I was thinking to visit the sanctuary, you are an astonishing specialist.

Rohit says every one of your reports are fine. The young lady says Rohit is attractive as well, I mean he is a decent specialist, when will I return. Rohit says never, Mr. Desai needs to come following 3 months. Mr. Desai asks Rohit to take Snehal out on the town. Snehal gives Palak paneer to Rohit and says I have made it for you. Mr. Desai says you and Snehal’s matching will be great. Rohit says thank you so much, you won’t let me overlook. Snehal says Rohit, would i be able to get your own number, it tends to be of assistance in crisis. Rohit says obviously, note down. He gives the medical caretaker’s number and says call up after 11, we will talk. Snehal goes. Medical caretaker inquires as to for what reason did you give my number. He says with the goal that she calls you, you give my number and afterward leave, palak paneer appreciate. She asks what is my shortcoming.

Attorney says Deepa is a sharp legal advisor, there is a meeting tomorrow, we can’t set you up, shouldn’t engage in this. Suman says by what method will we mastermind 15 crores, Sippys consistently play with police and legal counselors. Netra says we know Sonakshi didn’t do anything, its a court call. Sonakshi says I figure we should advise truth to Rohit, he doesn’t answer my call. She calls him by Pulkit’s telephone. Rohit answers. She says its me Sonakshi. He closures call and says she should tell it in the court. Suman stresses. Netra says I have a thought, its exaggerated. Suman says let me know, in any event our cash will get spared. Rohit is en route. Deepa calls him and gets some information about Sonakshi. He says she is calling frequently, I didn’t talk. She says I kept the conference tomorrow, the quick tract court will pass the decision, Sonakshi should admit her wrongdoing, she will be rebuffed. He says truly, I m achieving home, lets talk during supper.

Pari says Netra is stating drivel, I m not going to admit anything, the accuse will seek me. Suman asks will they leave Pari in the event that she says she changed the dress, her vocation will end. Sonakshi says on the off chance that they take in this from whatever else, they will figure Pari fouled up, in the event that we let them know, they would think we are straightforward. Suman says Pari won’t admit. Sonakshi asks legal counselor Verma to clarify them. Verma says she is correct, on the off chance that they hear Pari’s admission and trust it, we can get spared. Sonakshi says I m stressed for her vocation as well, yet being straightforward is never simple, it would be ideal if you mumma, four years prior, we were in such an issue, you had smothered reality, you had seen the outcomes, I don’t need that to be rehashed.

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