Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 30th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Sonakshi asking Rohit what to gift Veena. He hears Vimmi saying rice cooker got damaged. He asks Sonakshi to get the best rice cooker, Veena loves kitchen appliances. Sonakshi says you are joking. He says no, Pooja tell her, am I not gifting dinner set to mom. Pooja says yes. She lies for him. Rohit asks Sonakshi to just get rice cooker. Sonakshi says fine. Rohit says Sonakshi played prank on me, now my turn. Raima asks driver to drive fast, she has to reach Sippy mansion.

Rohit says this night will be the most beautiful one for us, the best 26th Sept for us. He sees the ring. Sonakshi gets ready. She gets happy and says this night will be bringing happiness for me, I didn’t think this will happen after four years. Suman asks Pari to get ready, why isn’t she listening. Sonakshi comes and scolds Pari. She says you have 20mins to get ready, we are going to Sippys. The taxi breaks down. Driver says the tyre has punctured.

Sonakshi, Suman and family come to Sippy mansion. Veena and everyone welcome them. Ajit shows Rohit to Sonakshi. Sonakshi and Rohit smile seeing each other. He says don’t stare at me, I know I m looking hot and handsome, you are also looking hot. Sonakshi asks where is Akash. Deepa says he is seeing dinner arrangements. Rohit greets Suman and hugs. Rohan greets them. Pari asks where is Tanya. Rohan says she went to her cousins, her aunt is serious.

Yash’s mum Sulochana comes to Suman and introduces herself. She says I was impressed, the way you made Nishi apologize, did you think Sonakshi will get married here. Suman says Sonakshi is a star herself, no one knows Sippys, now they will get famous that Sonakshi is their bahu. Naren hears her. Tanushree comes there and asks guard about Raima. He says she didn’t come here. Pari taunts Pooja and asks her to take favors from Sonakshi. Rohan looks on. Pooja gets upset and goes. Driver comes to ask Raima if she needs help. She says yes. Raima gets lift from someone. Naren shows a necklace. Veena likes it a lot. Suman says its lovely, how much does it cost. Naren says money isn’t everything. He wishes happy birthday to Veena. Sonakshi asks Veena to see the gift later. Rohit asks her to check it now. Rohit says now it will be fun.

Veena sees the rice cooker. Sulochana laughs. Suman asks did you get rice cooker for Veena. Veena says its thoughtful, its really pretty. Rohit says just Parvati can give such gift, electric rice cooker. Sonakshi nods and says your real gift was something else, this rice cooker was Rohit’s idea. Veena sees the idol of Jhulelal. She likes it. Sukhmani says so sweet. Veena thanks Sonakshi.

Sonakshi says I can fool you, you can’t fool me, your IQ is high than me, but my emotional quotient is higher. Rohit smiles. Rohan says mom, family is most imp for you, I want to give you a gift, Pooja will shoot my campaign. Everyone claps. Rohit says congrats. Everyone hugs Pooja. Pari gets angry. Deepa looks on. Sumit sits drinking and singing. Raima thanks him for help. Sumit says its good to help beautiful girls. He asks what’s wrong. She says my lungs are weak, so I use this for breathing. He flirts with her.

He asks where do you want to go in Malabar hills. She says Sippy mansion, Dr. Rohit’s house. He says I know him, we will reach in 10mins. She thanks him. Sonakshi asks Rohit to admit that he lost. He holds her. Her dress back gets torn. He says its broken. He holds her and says we will go to my room. She says it won’t look good. Rohit says I will show her the house and come. Sukhmani says sure, your Dada used to take me like this to show the house. They all laugh.

Rohit comes to Sonakshi. She wears his shirt. He smiles and makes her turn. He pulls down the shirt. He gets close. Dil diyan gallan….plays…He stitches her torn dress. She helps him. He shows her the ring. Raima reaches there.

Precap: Raima walks in. Rohit says Raima… Raima says Sonakshi I have lost four years of my life because of you. She faints down. Rohit asks Sonakshi to just leave. Sonakshi cries and hugs Suman. She says tell him to listen to my truth once.


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