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Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 31 Aug episode begins with Netra indicating Sonakshi the updates on Matre being missing in the wake of executing his significant other. In the interim, Pune police choose to address Sonakshi.

Suman Rastogi is feeling terrible and is vexed about Sonakshi and Rohit’s relationship. Pari gets Rohan and discovers that Sonakshi has consented to wed Rohit.

Suman chooses to go to Sippy house to stand up to Sonakshi. At Sippy house, everyone lauds the embellishments aside from Rohit who thinks it is excessively noisy.

Rohit gets awestruck to see Sonakshi’s delightful look. He denies to wear what Sonakshi needs yet Sonakshi is additionally unyielding to make him wear her picked outfit.

She goes into his room and conceals his garments. Simultaneously, Rohit leaves the washroom and begins moving in a towel.

Sonakshi sees Rohit without garments and gets humiliated. Afterward, Rohit touches base in the gathering wearing an outfit picked by Sonakshi however disregards her.

Nishi blows up when her relative overlooks her and converses with Sonakshi. Rohit and other Sippy young men perform on Sonakshi’s test.

Sippy’s and Sonakshi observe Janmashtmi while Suman Rastogi and police are headed to Sippy chateau.

Rohit chooses to go to the emergency clinic and is uninformed that the patient he is going to treat is Rhiama. Sonakshi wishes to leave however before that Veena gives the family jewelry to Sonakshi.

Simultaneously, Suman comes and makes a episode. In the mean time, Ajit additionally calls Rohit to advise about Suman’s entry.

Suman later says that she knew it about Sonakshi’s relationship. She stands up to Nishi before everybody about scarring her.

Veena is going to advise something when the police touch base to take Sonakshi for addressing.

Precap Upcoming Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum episode update: Rohit guarantees Sonakshi that he will support her while Sonakshi advises police she went to Pune due to Pooja Sippy.

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