Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 5th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sonakshi and Pari come to Suman at the emergency clinic. Suman says Verna let me know everything, I m Happy, 15 crores issue is finished, you would have persuaded Rohit. Pari says truly, my crown and vocation are protected. Verma says Suman was taking strain so I advised her. He goes. Sonakshi says we don’t need to pay them, Suman asks what yet. Sonakshi says we need to arrive at genuine offender.

Sonakshi gets a call and says I will arrive at Rohit’s office. Netra says you have every one of the scenes today. Sonakshi says this is pixie, quiet down, I clarified Pari. She says I will do my work and leave early. Netra says fine, I will confront the nearby ups of tomorrow shoots. Pooja embraces Rohit and everybody. She says I m so Happy, Rohit took the case back. Rohit says I m meeting Sonakshi to realize who is the guilty party. Netra says we will take Sonakshi’s nearby ups. Sonakshi gets occupied in the shoot. Netra gets Sonakshi’s independent scenes and close ups shot. Netra says thanks to Sonakshi and requests that her go. Sonakshi leaves. Rohit says I can comprehend Sumit is desirous, however who is Karan, for what reason will he do this. Sonakshi says Karan and I were locked in. Rohit says it implies he has motivation to render retribution. Sonakshi says I question Sumit more. Deepa says we need to discover who did this, we have no verification. Rohit says we need to trap them.

Sonakshi says as we do in hindi sequential, we will call goons. Rohit asks what number of goons numbers do you have, I remain occupied in the emergency clinic. Sonakshi says we will call them at a disco and include truth serum in their beverages, we do this in serials, you are a specialist, compose it, physicist won’t give it. Rohit says you don’t get it, in actuality, its narco examination test which police does, we can’t do it. Sonakshi says we will take their signs on clear paper and compose their admission, when police sees this, we can stop the Fir.

Rohit says give these plans to your scholars. Sonakshi says however I got this from them, we do this in serials. Rohit asks Deepa to state something. Deepa says no, these thoughts won’t work here, I have a thought, for what reason don’t we consider them and tell that we realize what they did, we will call them at the spot, one who willed come. Rohit says this thought will work. Sonakshi says I have seen this thought in an english film. Deepa says indeed, its from a film. Rohit says its smart thought. Sonakshi says you don’t care for hindi sequential thought. Rohit says we will do what’s great, who will call them. Sonakshi asks by what method will we call. Deepa asks do you have their landline. Rohit asks who uses landlines. Sonakshi inquires as to why, Vishal called you on landline, as you were dozing. Deepa says we will utilize Tulsi’s number. Sonakshi says pause. She gets things out of her satchel and says I had kept it here. Rohit says you have the whole proportion shop with you.

Sonakshi says I got the extra sim card, fans sends blessings. She jokes and says you need to utilize it. He says make a call by placing this in my telephone. She utilizes her fastener and says have your sim, take this telephone, its on. He asks who will talk. She says I will call. He says no, he will comprehend, is there any informed blackmailer, they talk impolitely and in an awful way. Sonakshi sees Rohit and signs Deepa. He asks what. She says you will be impeccable, none can do this well. He says no, I can’t do this. They state obviously you can do this. Sonakshi eats sustenance from her tiffin and says specialist blackmailer. Deepa says I will introduce voice changing application in your telephone.

Rohit says you know criminal applications likewise, fine yet what will I say. Sonakshi says I m here, don’t take pressure, I will compose the exchanges, state it regularly, similar to you say discourteously with no feeling. He asks do I talk impolitely. She says simply like that, the other individual will be frightened, who preferences conversing with you. He says my mother. She says she is mum, leave her. He says you do this coercing. Deepa requests that he sit and call.

Precap: Rohit says I trust the genuine offender is gotten. Deepa says wow Rohit, you are perusing Sonakshi’s brain. Rohit says such relations aren’t made again throughout everyday life.


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