Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 6th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sumit says don’t do this. Karan asks what do you need. Rohit says you need to meet me today around evening time at 12, I need cash, 20 lakhs, new notes, address is the factory regions, back compound. He separates. Sonakshi asks Rohit to turn off the telephone. Rohit says I did it like an accomplished television on-screen character, they would have terrified. Sonakshi says very much done, it was excessively genuine. He says I trust the genuine guilty party is gotten. She says we have two hours, I will take a quick trip and see mum once. She picks her stuff. Sumit says I have sent Vibha on a vacation, I don’t should be frightened. Rohit says we will meet close to the plant. Sonakshi says for what reason don’t we three… Rohit says no, we won’t wear burqa, wig or phony whiskers. Sonakshi gestures. Deepa says wow Rohit, you are effectively perusing Sonakshi’s psyche, not awful. Rohit sees Sonakshi. Deepa says we will go now.

Dolly admonishes Karan for dropping the flame shines on Sonakshi. She says you remain in my home, in what manner will you get cash now, moron. Karan says who is doing this terrible joke with me. Sonakshi comes to Pulkit and asks where is Pari. He says don’t have the foggiest idea, mum is better at this point. Sonakshi sees Suman dozing. Sonakshi says where is Pari. Pari is headed and attempts to get a taxi. She doesn’t get booking. Sonakshi gets some information about Pari. Medical caretaker says she left. Sonakshi sees the woman and says I was concerned as my mum was much sick, will we take selfie now. The woman says in my telephone, much obliged and sorry. They take selfies. The woman says you are so great. Sonakshi calls house cleaner and says mum is fine, did Pari arrive at home. House cleaner says no. Sonakshi says how could she abandon advising. House keeper says don’t have a clue when will Pari come.

Pari’s heels break. She gets injured. Rohan sees her and stops the vehicle. He welcomes her. She says I was finding a rickshaw or taxi. He says its alright, I will drop you, come, it might rain whenever, its late. She says I will oversee. He requests that her sit, he will drop her. She says alright, give me your telephone, I need to call home. Sonakshi deals with Pulkit. She says despite everything I have 60 minutes, I will take some rest. She considers Rohit. She says I m befuddled, help me about Rohit, he is disturbing, he is now and again sweet and minding, I like the manner in which he ensures his family, help me, his comical inclination is extraordinary, the manner in which he talked today, I was humiliated, this never occurred with me, somebody who realizes me so well, without my platitude, Karan additionally didn’t comprehend me so well, did I simply contrast Rohit and Karan, Karan was my life partner, Rohit is nobody to me. Vimmi sees Sonakshi’s show and cries. Rohit says Parvati’s aficionado. He sits watching the show.

Ajit comes and looks on. He asks what occurred. Vimmi and Rohit request that he stop. Rohit says I m not watching it, Vimmi was watching it. Vimmi says you can watch it in medical clinic, you got intrigued by this right. Rohit envisions his attendants and staff watching the show and crying. He says Parvati is the best, she knows it all. His creative mind closes. Rohit says quit watching this, I likewise don’t watch it, proceed to prepare my garments. Ajit says I think you have much work, seek a beverage. He says I neglected to state I m taking star television membership for you, with the goal that you can watch Sonakshi’s show, we aren’t morons, when you see Sonakshi, your cheeks turn red like an apple, I think you both look great together. Rohit considers Sonakshi. He reviews the slap. He says Ajit, don’t state this once more, I heard television sound and went to perceive what’s happening, I turned out poorly observe parvati’s sequential, it doesn’t make a difference on the off chance that I read my brain, such relations don’t shape twice throughout everyday life.

Precap: Rohit says we made an arrangement, we will get that guilty party today around evening time. Sonakshi sees somebody. She gets captured. Rohit yells Sonakshi.


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