Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 7th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Deepa gets back home. Veena requests that her have chocolate frozen yogurt. Deepa asks where is Rohit. Veena says he is on his floor, he just returned. Sukhmani says Yash moved to Nishi’s room once more. Yash jokes on Nishi. Rohit comes and says we will go. Veena asks where. He says Deepa, Sonakshi and I made an arrangement, if everything goes well, we will get the offender. Nishi requests that he be cautious. Sonakshi says I trust I came at the perfect spot. She sees the factories board and says where are Rohit and Deepa. Rohit says its down-pouring vigorously, did Sonakshi reach. Deepa says unwind, she informed, she had come to. She gets Akash’s call and asks what, don’t stress, I m coming. Rohit asks what occurred. She says a client is flushed and making inconveniences at the eatery, I will take a taxi. Rohit says that is alright, I will drop you. Sonakshi says who would it be able to be, Rohit, Karan or Sumit. She gets her telephone. It tumbles down. He hits the window. She sees

Karan. He opens the entryway and grins. Rohit comes there. He sees Sonakshi’s vehicle. He considers her and sees her telephone inside. He says where did she go, was there any crisis. He yells Sonakshi. Karan quiets down and takes her behind the tree. He shrouds her. Ravi says we should leave, the street is blocked. Rohit leaves. Karan says your new sweetheart left. Sonakshi yells Rohit. Karan says don’t nibble my hand, this doesn’t work now. She hits and says along these lines works consistently. She runs and staggers. She falls in Rohit’s arms. He gestures to her.

Rohit sees Karan and hurries to hit him. He pushes Karan. They battle. Rohit says I realized something isn’t right so I acted to leave. Karan says sorry. Rohit admonishes him. He says you fouled up with Sonakshi and Pooja on style show night. Karan says I know nothing, somebody called me so I had come here. Rohit asks what did you do. Karan says I got the sparkles fallen on Sonakshi to ruin her presentation, trust me, I didn’t do anything with Pooja. Sonakshi says stop Rohit, he can simply hurt me, he can’t do this, leave him. Rohit says its a wrongdoing, you could have consumed. She says leave it, on the off chance that he goes to news, media will utilize this, he can stoop low to get attention, I can’t go out on a limb with my name and show, it would be ideal if you leave him. Rohit blows up and cautions Karan.

Ravi pursues Rohit with the umbrella. Rohit makes him away. He asks Sonakshi is she frantic, who requested that her get down the vehicle, she is Sonakshi, not Parvati. She says you didn’t come on schedule, entryway wasn’t bolted. He says you drive without permit, your entryway wasn’t storage, why. She says I can drive the vehicle. He says you know it all, you express exchanges to hit individuals, rather karate. She says no, I had hit him and got spared. He asks where did you kick. She says there, I had kicked him, in any case, leave it, for what reason didn’t you please time. He says there was a crisis in Akash’s café, I dropped Deepa. She says I would have sent your timetable to Karan. Ravi asks Rohit to sit inside the vehicle and contend. Rohit turns upward. Sonakshi asks what, isn’t he abnormal, he is turning upward to affirm its down-pouring. Rohit says come sit. She asks Rohit to demonstrate his hand, its dying. He says don’t tear your dress, it is anything but a television sequential. She says I know, sit inside. She asks Ravi to give medical aid pack. Rohit says its specialist’s vehicle, it will be there. Ravi says emergency treatment pack isn’t there, I overlook consistently.

Sonakshi grins and requests a handkerchief. Rohit says its filthy, I will get a contamination. Ravi says its clean. Sonakshi says I will kick you like I kicked Karan, give me your hand. She ties the scarf. He expresses gratitude toward her. He asks Ravi to get Sonakshi’s stuff and leave the vehicle, she can lift it up later. He puts papers on the seat and says seat will ruin, get up quick. Sonakshi asks what, will I sit now. Rohit says please. She says disclose to me something, what’s the utilization to keep papers, this will get soaked and tear. He says yes. Ravi gets the stuff. Rohit says what a night, so you think Karan was stating reality. She says indeed, Sumit did that, he won’t come here, he adores his picture a great deal, he is an on-screen character. Rohit says since on-screen character is managing this specialist. She says specialist. He says heart specialist… . They leave. He sees Sonakshi.

Precap: Sonakshi says Karan was my beloved companion, I realized him well, I can see a similar agony in your eyes, who was she. Rohit says Raima. Lights go off. Sonakshi says there is a power cut. Rohit falters and falls over her. Pari looks on.


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