Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 8th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sonakshi comes Suman overlooks her. Pulkit asks Sona to have the supper, as Suman makes it. Sona approaches Madhubala to pack for Netra as well. Sonakshi ask Pulkit to restore the watch as it has a place with Rohit. Pari says how Sumit got it at that point. Sona says she is pondering the equivalent. Pulkit expels it. Suman intrudes on them and says she can’t restore the blessing. Suman shouts at Sonakshi. The due completes a contention. Suman blows up on Sona. Pulkit takes supper for her.

Sonakshi cries in her room. Pulkit comes to quiet her down. Sona spills her heart out before Pulki. Pulkit makes her review their dads’ words. The pair finishes his platitude together. Pulki attempts to brighten her up. He requests that her have the supper. Sona teach her sibling to deal with Suman.

Pari asks Suman to sign some paper. Suman says to ask Sonakshi to do it. Sona does the sign and goes. Pari shows check book to Suman. She ponders where one check got missing.

Venna asks to Rohit where he is going. Rohit discloses to her that he is heading off to the film city to take his watch once again from Sona. Venna gets cheerful pondering KPK shooting. She says she will likewise go with him on the shoot. Rohit says he isn’t a child and can go alone. Venna says he isn’t well so she will accompany her. Vimmi descends spruced up as Parvati and says she will go with Rohit. She says she needs to see the shooting. Venna stops her and goes with Rohit.

Shooting episode prepares. Executive informs Parvati regarding the episodes and requests that her gain proficiency with the discoursed. Parvati prepares for the episode. Shooting begins. She conveys her exchange. Rohit and Venna land on the set. Bablu invites him saying he is Sonaskhi’s BD do he recollects. Rohit says yes.

Venna and Rohit see her shooting. episode gets cut. All gestures of recognition Paravati for her exhibition. Somebody advises about Rohit. Sona goes to meet her. Rohit request his watch. Sona says to have lemonade first. Rohit says he would prefer not to exasperate her. Venna says she is demanding to such an extent how about we hang tight for lemonade.

Venna gets some information about the succession she is shooting. Rohit hinders and says why she needs to know when she doesn’t stare at the TV appears. Sona discloses her succession to Venna.

Venna finishes her discussion. Rohit gets stunned and asks to his mom do she truly watch this poo. Venna says Vimmi keeps her update with KPK appear. Rohit gets irritated tuning in to male snake story and ridicules it mockingly. Sona clarifies him why they show such stuffs in their sequential. Rohit hears her.

Sonakshi dries her hair. Rohit gets entranced seeing her, title melody plays out of sight.

At Sippy chateau Tanya questions Rohan why he gets late. The couple again verbally battles with one another. Rohan leaves. Tanya gets strained reasoning something.

Rohit says to Sona that she is all wet to what extent she will sit that way. Sona says she will sit doused entire night cos of night shoot and will sit tight for her shot. Venna says then what she will do. Sonakshi says she will consider. She says she is concentrating on the web to clear twelfth test. Venna and Rohit acclaim Sona. Sonakshi gets astonished and says express gratitude toward God something awed him. Somebody calls Sonakshi and says her shot is prepared. She goes

Precap: Sonakshi is giving her shot. A light arrangement is going to fall on her. Rohit hurries to spare Sona and pair shares an eye lock. Rohit gives his coat and says to deal with herself.


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