Kamiki Ryunosuke
Takanosuke Kamiki who received acclaimed words from co-stars

Actor Kamiki Ryunosuke attended the movie ” Fortuna’s Eye ” the first day stage greeting and was acclaimed for the ability to make friends with anyone for the first time from the co-stars of Kimura Arimura.

This work is a love story that made a movie of the same name story Naoki Momota known as “eternal 0” “man called pirate”. Shinichiro Shinichiro (Kamiki), a young man with a mysterious ability to see through human beings who are about to die, draws a figure suffering by seeing the fate of a beloved woman. On this day, in addition to Kamiki and Arimura, Director Shigenobu, Daigo, Yuki Saito Yuki, Toki Saburo, Miki Takahiro entered the stage and took talk about “Special Abilities of Kamiki” after work.

First of all, when Saito told “the ability to enter the heart of a person in a moment”, Zhi Shrine, which is good on a private basis, expresses “Kamiki (bosom) godhead” and Kamiki. Shi Taku analyzes that “The ability to enter a person’s bosom is great, because he himself is a deeply-minded person” about the sacred tree that he gets along quickly with the friend he introduced for the first time.

Moreover, Arimura who has co-starred with Kamiki many times in the past showed off “SODFSDN” and the abbreviation (DAI language) which DAIGO is good at and “Ability to be friendly to anyone without fear of the first meeting” “Commentary. “The ability to come into our bosom with the same tension for all people is terrible, so I asked questions with admiration as to what sort of feelings they are talking to.

Kamiki who had a smile on the praise from the co-star is developing his opinion that “Peace and fun is not the best thing”. Then Mr. Miki said, “When I try to entertain with people, my opponent uses mind, but since Kamiki-kun himself is enjoying, I think that the circumference opens my mind.”

Such Kamiki said about the first day of the work that pulled the scene, “A stuff and a cast made with a soul, it remains in your heart, I think that it is good to be a work that can last a long time “It was powerfully appealing.

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