Kangana Ranaut On Ram Navami Says Lord Ram Is The Most Important Icon of Our Civilization

Actress Kangana Ranot has posted a video on Ram Navami on the 9th day of Chaitra Navratri and is telling about the significance of this day. He described Lord Rama as the most important icon of our civilization. Kangana Runot has always been vocal about her ideas and truly enjoys freedom of speech.

As the country is celebrating Ram Navami today, the actress’ team has shared a video of Kangana Ranot on her Instagram account. Ever since Navratri started, Kangana has been sharing videos for fans on her Insta account.

Kangana has shared 9 videos during the 9 days of Navratri while living with her family in Manali. Today is the culmination of the Navratris and the 9th day is known as Rama Navami. Kangana talked about the importance of the day and also said, Lord Rama is an important symbol of our civilization. ‘ Kangana Ranot can be seen in the video. She is wearing a beautiful white salwar-kameez. Besides, she is also wearing golden earrings.

In the video, she said, ‘Friends, today is Ramlala’s birthday, which is the ninth day of Chaitra’s Navratri, also called Ram Navami, Rama is the most important symbol of our civilization of this land. The most important humans ever came to this earth? Why so? He is not as deep as Krishna nor is he omnipresent like Shiva. ‘ He also said, ‘Ram Maryada Purushottam is the person who has told us through his life and experiments what sacrifice is.’

She also gave the caption of this video, ‘Ram Navami wishes to all. Jai Shree Ram! # Kangana Runot asked ‘Why Ram ji is the most important symbol of our civilization?’ But some interesting information is shared. Do not miss it! #Ramnavami #Navaratri2020


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