Kangana Ranaut's bullets went out of Manali house

Kangana Ranaut has lodged a complaint with the police on Friday night as she heard firing sound near her Manali status house. After this, the Kullu police have reached Kangna’s house. Speaking about this, Kangana told the Times of India that during the night around 11.30 pm, she heard the sound of firing. He asked his guard to check. When the police arrived, they thought that someone might have fired at the apple orchard to drive the bats away. When Kangana asked her neighbors about this, she refused.

Kangana said, ‘I have heard the sound of the bullet and I think it was the sound of the sure shot. Exactly the opposite of my room fired twice in an 8-second gap. I think someone has fired from behind the boundary of my house ‘.

Kangna also says that she has recently made a political comment, so it should be an alarm for me because it never happened here.

Ankita Lokhande came forward to give justice to Sushant, so this director said – Keep in mind, now those people will chase you

Kangna said, ‘I think that a local from here has been sent to my house. It is not too difficult to get someone to do this work by giving 7-8 jars of rupees. People are telling me that those people will spoil my life in Mumbai. But I think they are doing the same here. Sushant must have been intimidated as well, but I will still question him.


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