Bollywood Kanika Kapoor has won the battle with Corona virus after a long effort. Kanika Kapoor’s sixth test is negative and after this Singer has been discharged from the hospital. However, Singer will still have to live in quarantine for about 15 days. The medical staff also worked hard in this battle and they were successful. However, during this time the hospital administration and Kanika Kapoor also made many allegations against each other regarding treatment. In such a situation, we know how Kanika Kapoor was treated and what facilities were given to her during that time…

Kanika Kapoor returned to India from London on March 9 and after that she attended many parties and celebrations. He was then severely criticized and was admitted to the Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduation Institute of Medical Sciences (PGM) Hospital in Lucknow on March 20 after having symptoms of corona virus. After this, many test positives of her Kanika came, after which the family members were very upset. However, after long-term treatment, his test has come back negative and he has now been discharged from the hospital.

Kanika Kapoor, admitted to PGI, was constantly under the supervision of doctors. During this time, Kanika had a nurse posted at all times. The shift of nurses used to change on every four hours i.e. six nurses worked in a day. These nurses used to feed them medicine and take care of other things. The nurses were required to wear PPE kits while on duty and Kanika was treated keeping all the precautions in mind. Also, nurses did not go to their house and go to another place.

Though Kanika Kapoor’s family is questioning her treatment, she was given many facilities. Once the families had also expressed their desire to airlift Kanika, but PGI doctors won the battle. PGI Director Prof. According to information given by RK Dhiman, Kanika Kapoor has been given the best facility in the hospital. He was given an air condition room and his room also had an attached washroom. Apart from this, Kanika’s room had an air handling unit, so that mosquitoes and dirt cannot be collected at all. Also, there was a TV in his room and according to his demand, gluten free food was being given, which is prepared separately in the kitchen of the hospital.

Kanika Kapoor had alleged that she was not being treated properly and was once asked to change clothes behind the scenes. At the same time, the hospital administration said that she was treated well, but she was not acting like a patient but as a star.


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