Kapil Sharma Missing His Mom He Will Her Meet First After Lockdown Open

Because of the lockdown, anyone who is away from their family is missing their family members a lot. Be it celebs or common people. All are restless to meet their family. Comedian Kapil Sharma is also waiting for the bus lockdown to open, after which he will meet the most special person of his life. He has mentioned this on his Twitter account.

Actually, Kapil played a game on Twitter with his fans named #AskKapil. In this game, Kapil’s fans can ask him any question. In this game, Kapil fans asked him a variety of questions. If anyone questioned his fitness, someone asked him about his show. Meanwhile, a user wanted to know who will meet Kapil first after the lockdown opens.

In #AskKapil, a person named Neeraj Kumar Lal asked Kapil who would you like to meet first after the lockdown opens, name one or two. To this Kapil replied, ‘Mummy se … they are in Punjab’. It is understood from this answer of Kapil that how much he is missing his mother. Kapil is very close to his mother. His mother is present there in every episode of his show.

Amidst all the questions, a user named Kaur questioned Kapil, do you watch your show yourself and laugh at your jokes? What I was saying. To this, Kapil replies, ‘Very little … because he himself has shot the whole .. Thank you’.


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