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Mustafa was the recipient of the National Award Jury Award in 2014 for his role in Ain. His first film ‘Kappela’ is coming to the theaters today. It is Mustafa who has penned Anna Ben, Sreenath Bhasi and Roshan Mathew. Kappaela is the story of Jessie, the daughter of a small, marginal farmer named Varghese, a migrant hilly village of Poovaranmala, and Vishnu, who had known her by ringing her phone. The film begins with a KSRTC bus boarding the Kozhikode town from JC Poovaranmalai on a rainy day. From time immemorial, Khalil Jibran’s love for each other has disappeared. With the arrival of the mobile phone, the matter became ubiquitous. Sajan and Kadhalkottai are notable movies.

Kappela Full Movie Download Tamilrockers

But a nasty twist that gives the interval a halt leads to a different track. A new character is being introduced here. Second Half goes on an unexpected track. In the second half, the narration is the first to show the character and his / her background and the events leading up to it. This too is new to the film. To the extent that the director takes his own stance in the aftermath of the three main characters meeting, the clich is avoided. After Kumbalangi and Helen, Anna Ben scored again through Jessie of Poovaranmala. The First Half is entirely owned by Jesse. Father Elijah and his mother Nisha Sarang, home, village and locals, all played a vital role in making the first half a good thing.

Second Half belongs to Srinath Bhasi. Roy has been playing the role of Bhasi since the baby who became the audience’s chick in the small screen space of the trance. Roshan’s Vishnu is also a Katta. Kaphela is the baby boy for Ambli’s own Tina, Tanvi Ram. They prove their presence by being. Director Mustafa and Sudhi Kopa are the other two on screen. Mustafa is the director of the first film, OK. But when you get out of the theater and multiply everything, the film is giving a message that moral policing is good, mobile phone use is harmful to rural houses. Mustafa must consider for himself how proud this is of a new director. Especially when there are so many positive possibilities with the punch that Intel has put forward! In any case, the cuppa will protect the stray children.

An old moral upadesakatha new bottle – abin Ponappa, a film directed by Mustafa, who was the first director of the National Award winner,The cupola. Anna Ben, Roshan Mathew and Sreenath Bhasi play the lead roles. Mustafa himself has written the screenplay. Kappella is a short film that takes the message out of a very small thread.

The film follows a JC who comes from a hill village in Wayanad and visits Kozhikode to meet his friend on the phone. Anna Benn as JC and Roshan Mathew and Sreenath Bhasi as the other two main characters. All three have already proven themselves to be excellent actors. Therefore, the quality of performance expected from them is very high.

Anna and Roshan win the first half while Srinath Bhasi joins the second half. Anna plays the role of JC without losing her innocence. Anna is acting as if she is a familiar girl when she meets Jessie. Roshan’s was a mature performance. Meanwhile, Sreenath Bhasi’s screen presence in the second half is on top.

Mustafa has made a good effort as the first film behind the camera. He has succeeded in turning a small subject into a two-hour film. The realistic make-up and the lackluster storytelling are giving hope to the director in Mustafa. Jimmy Khalid’s camera and Sushi’s music were good. Music and cinematography have been able to mark the beauty of the hill country.

But the question remains, how relevant is the story and the message it conveys today. It is thought that the so-called morality of the message conveyed was at least ten years ago. When WhatsApp Kesavanas are turned into ridiculous characters in 2020, when it comes to the moral sense of the Kesavan Mamans, it is difficult to digest.

The downside of the film is that most of the film’s main characters are stereotypes. While the main character, JC, tells of the events in her life, the film does not go through the layers of the character or attempt to convey the innermost thoughts. JC is created by satisfying the stereotypes of the Wayanad native. Similar is the creation of Roshan and Sreenath’s characters.

In a very relatable setting, Kaphela is a film that gives the best performances of the actors while at the same time giving them sound advice.


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