Karan Johar Has Apologised For His Insensitive Social Media Posts During The Coronavirus

Bollywood celebs have become more active on social media amid the havoc of the Corona virus. Also, his fun-joke pictures and videos are being shared on social media about how his lockdown period is coming out. Meanwhile, Karan Johar has tweeted and apologized for his old tweets. Karan Johar has apologized not for any single tweet, but for his many tweets.

Why did he apologize … Before telling you about it, let us tell you what Karan Johar has said while apologizing. Actually, Karan Johar retweeted a video saying, “It has shaken me up to the inside and I realize that many of my posts are insensitive to many people … I apologize to them and tell I wish it was not done intentionally but clearly I have not shown emotional foresight… I apologize.

The video, which Karan Johar has shared, has cast a sarcasm on celebrities who are showing their fabulous lives on social media in this difficult time, which includes fun-filled videos. Also, instead of celebs in the video, doctors, nurses, policemen have been described as real heroes. However, there is no comment about any Bollywood celebs in this video.

Actually, before this, Karan Johar shared many videos with his children and has shared many posts on social media. In such a situation, Karan Johar felt that maybe someone was offended by his tweet, then he publicly apologized.


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