Mumbai: There is no end to the debate over bhai-nepotism in Bollywood. Filmmaker Karan Johar, in an event, asked about actress Kangana Ranaut indirectly, in response to a question about brother-niece, “someone else likes this subject”. Kangana had termed Karan as the leader of brother-nepotism in Bollywood, after which there was a debate over this topic for a long time.

During the conversation with U-Tuber Bhuvan Balm in the U-Tube Fan Fest, Karan was asked why you have so much love on the subject of nepotism.

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On this, Karan responded immediately without giving a name, saying, “No, I do not like this topic..but someone else likes this topic, I will say so people say that I speak, so I do my work Will continue and others will continue to talk about it. “


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