Director-producer Karan Johar had recently arrived at ‘The Kapil Sharma’. He has done many interesting disclosures during the show.

Kajol's crush was Akshay Kumar, Karan Johar disclosed in 'The Kapil Sharma Show'
Akshay Kumar and Kajol (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Karan Johar told that in one era, Kajol had a crush on Akshay Kumar. He said, “I met Kajol in a party, Kajol was a big cricketer on Akshay and during the premiere of the film ‘Hena’, he wanted to meet Akshay. I was helping him, we both are looking for Akshay Were.”

Who further said, “We were not able to get renewed but that was the beginning of our friendship. Both of us lived in South Mumbai and from there our friendship continued to grow.” Kajol and Akshay Kumar worked together in the film ‘Dillagi’. “

Karan Johar also said that, “We have been friends for a long time but he never remembers my birthday, he either calls me a day earlier or one day later, but on my birthday he never wished me. Did. ” Kajol also told about his first meeting with Karan. He said, “Karan Johar had wear three piece suits and I was not able to stop myself from laughing. I was thinking who wears such clothes.”


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