Karan Johar Production House Clearly Aksed Ayushmann Khurrana They Work With Stars Only

Since the untimely demise of Sushant Singh Rajput, there is a lot of noise in social media. Sushant is being described as a victim of nepotism and Bollywood politics. Trollers have targeted many people including Karan Johar for this.

Justice For Sushant Singh Rajput is trending hashtag in social media. Meanwhile, in Ayushman Khurana’s autobiography ‘Cracking the Code – My Journey in Bollywood’, an incident related to Karan Johar is also going viral, in which Ayushmann was told by Karan’s company that he only works with the stars.

Many people have shared this on Twitter. With this, it is being said that Ayushman Khurana also exposed Karan Johar once. Let us first tell you about this sentence, then will explain its context. Ayushmann Khurrana worked as an RJ and VJ before becoming an actor. While working with an FM channel, Ayushmann got an opportunity to interview Karan Johar. Ayushmann had expressed his wish that he wanted to become an actor and on demand, Karan gave the landline number of his office to Ayushmann after the interview.

According to the part of the book being shared, when Karan gave Ayushmann the landline number of his office. Ayushmann felt that his life was set. Now nobody can stop them. Now Ayushmann will be launched with Dharma Production.

The very next day Ayushmann called Karan’s office phone. He said, Karan is not in office. The next day I called again and got an answer that Karan is busy. Called the next day, then got an answer, Karan is not there. After that my patience was answered, so he said clearly – we only make films with stars. Can’t work with you.

This clipping is being fiercely viral for trolling Karan Johar. Let me tell you that this part is part of Ayushman’s Autobiography of My Voice Listen Chapter. Ayushman further writes in the book- It hurt. But I do not blame them. Now, when I think about it, how many people would call in their office every day. This gave me the end of the next code.

Interestingly, on the cover page of Ayushman’s book, Karan Johar’s recommendation is written, which says that this book reflects the personal experience of an outsider who has succeeded in keeping the steps under the door. At the same time, it opened doors and hearts for an industry that does not normally welcome unknown surnames.


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