Karim Morani Zoa Morani Shaza Morani Will Donate Blood After Recovering From Covid 19

Chennai Express director Karim Morani and his two daughters Zoya Morani and Shaza Morani have outpaced the corona virus, and all three have returned home. Zoya has given this information through a post on her social media account Instagram. In an interview with Zanakari in the post, Zoya also told that Morani Sisters and Papa are now going to do a good job. Karim Morani and his two daughters are now fully healthy and will donate blood to the patients of Kovid 19.

Mumbai Mirror, Zoya said, ‘This weekend we will donate blood to the patients of Kovid 19. You can donate blood after 14 days when your test is negative. Because there are antibodies in your blood. So we have decided to donate blood. This will probably help Kovid 19 patients recover quickly ‘.

Zoya has also shared a Thanks note on Instagram. Zoya wrote in her post, ‘.. and Papa also came home last night. His treatment is over and with this our whole family is now Kovid-19 negative. Now everyone is at home and safe. During this time the three of us had different experiences, so contact the hospital and doctors for any advice.

‘My father had no symptoms (stayed in hospital for 9 days), my sister had headaches and fever (stayed in hospital for 6 days), I had fever, fatigue, cough, shortness of breath and headaches (7 Remained in hospital for the day). During this period, the doctors and medical staff were very fearless, positive and extremely helpful ‘.


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