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Karn Sangini 11th Feb episode starts with Urvi and Karn. Urvi attempts to speak Karn out approximately Duryodhan. Karn stands against Urvi’s suggestion. He asks Urvi to either guide him or live away.

Urvi inquires approximately Karan’s favouritism for Duryodhana. Karn reveals that his organic mother gave him up just after his delivery. He has constantly confronted betrayal from society, but Duryodhana turned into the only one who supported him day and night.

Urvi reaches Pukhya. As Karn told her to convince his father to join Duryodhana’s team, she talked to Subhra approximately it. Subhra changed into astounded to pay attention that Karn is on Duryodhana’s crew. She attempts to trade Urvi’s mind about Karn’s decision. Urvi exhibits that she attempted hard, but Karn isn’t listening.

Urvi unearths a scroll from Kunti to Subhra. Subhra well-known shows approximately Karn’s biological mom. Urvi stands greatly surprised. She desires to tell Karn approximately the entirety, however, Subhra stops her.

While Karn and Duryodhana are discussing their recreation plan, Krishna is available in. He gives peace association to Duryodhana in the front of Karn. Duryodhana turns down Krishna’s provide. Radha walks in and urges Krishna to guide Duryodhana.

Krishna famous that he offered his help to Duryodhana, however, he picked his Narayani navy.

Karn and Radha understood that they may be going to lose.

The written update of eleven February 2019 KarnSangini episode tale ends.

Upcoming Karn Sangini episode replace: Kunti should tell Karn that she is his organic mother

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