Karn Sangini 13th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me 

Urvi. She gets traumatized to know that Karn will die. She gets unconsciousness.

Radha nurses Urvi. Urvi tells Radha that Karn is all set to jump in the dungeon of death. Radha tells Urvi that until Karn has his Kawach and Kundal, no one could defeat him. Urvi takes a sigh of relief.

Kunti is tensed about Karn. She talks to Krishna about him. She doesn’t want him to gain defame.

Urvi is distributing clothes. A lady calls Karn evil and denies accepting the charity.

Krishna tells Kunti that world will consider Karn as the biggest well-wisher and friend. Kunti feels relaxed.

Urvi tells Karn that she will stand with him in his all ups and downs. Urvi and Karn fall asleep. Urvi dreams that Karn has lost his Kawach and Kundal.

She meets Krishna in the dream. Krishna asks Urvi to keep Karn locked at home for an entire day.
Urvi wakes up and tells about her nightmare to Radha. Karn walks in and is draped in clothing dipped in blood. Urvi and Radha assume that Karn has donated his kawach and kundal. Later, Radha and Kunti learn that Karn still has his kawach and kundal.

Krishna tells Indra that he wants Karn and Arjun to come face to face with equal qualities. Indra gets puzzled.

Karn wants to leave for Hastinapur. Urvi pretends to get hurt and stops Karn.

The written update of 13 February 2019 KarnSangini episode story ends.

Precap: Karn learns that Urvi is playing with him. Urvi reveals about her nightmare. Karn ignores her. Urvi decides to follow him.

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